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Stamporama Anniversary
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What we collect!
What we collect!

Interests and Specialties Links

Adminware - Philatelic Resources
Great site for Canada (and Machins).

American Air Mail Society
If you collect airmail from any country you need to be here. The Airpost Journal is an excellent publication that comes with membership. The society is the publisher of the American Air Mail Catalogues. Annual meetings are held yearly at various stamp shows in the U.S.

Big Blue 1840-1940
A is for Aden and Z is for Zanzibar... Now what is between? For the world wide classical era philatelist and stamp collector, a country specific philatelic survey is offered with two albums: Big Blue, aka Scott International Part 1 (checklists available), and Deep Blue, aka William Steiner's Stamp Album Web PDF pages. Interested? So into the Blues...

Bridges and stamps
Bridges and philately. Art, Architecture (in french) more than 2000 images.

British Commonwealth Postmarks
A very helpful site suggested by Meostamps. The site lists postal markings and cancellations from British Empire and Commonwealth countries.

Broome County New York Postal History
Covers, postal markings, post office and postmaster photographs. Basic information on over 175 post offices and there dates of operation in Broome County, NY from 1806 to present day.

Canada Small Queens
Excellent site for re-entries and plate flaws of the Small Queens of Canada.

Cardinal Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History
Second largest Postal History museum in the United States

Doane Cancel Listings
This website is compiled by Gary Anderson of the Minnesota Postal History Society. It has lots of good information including lists of when Doane cancels were used by Post Office and the type and size (by revenue) of the Post Office.

Hong Kong Perfin and Company Markings
This is an excellent site to learn about company perfins and markings on Hong Kong stamps.

Hong Kong Study Circle
The definitive site dedicated to British Colonial Hong Kong postage and revenue stamps.

Identifier For US Washington/Franklin Stamps of 1908-1922
Excellent source page for assistance with identifying the sometimes difficult task of the US Washington/Franklin series of 1908-1922.

International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog
This is a catalog of all the different types of postage meter stamps ever used to frank mail in the world. It organizes and categorizes the stamps by their appearance (design format) rather than the meter model that printed them. It is thus a STAMP catalog for use primarily by stamp collectors and is not a meter (machine) catalog. It is an expansion of The International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog, written and published by Joel Hawkins and Richard Stambaugh in 2005, and its 2008 Supplement.

International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors
This on-line identifier should be useful to any philatelist. It was compiled from 10 different sources. It includes Cyrillic and Greek alphabet listings.

Les Timbres Francaise
Detailed listing of French stamps by date. Also includes precancels and other specialties.

Manchukuo Stamps: 1932 - 1947
An exhaustive collection of the stamps of Manchukuo ("State of Manchuria"). Excellent and detailed write up with scans of what appear to be the entire run of issues from this puppet state in northeast China and Inner Mongolia created by the Japanese following its seizure from China in 1931.

Military Postal History Society
Interested in military postal history from any era? Then check this out. Publishes an excellent bulletin quarterly. Holds regular auctions where great material can be obtained for very reasonable prices.

Minnesota Cancels
This site is dedicated to providing information on all the post offices that have ever cancelled and processed postal items in Minnesota. The site provides lookup tools so that you can get information about a particular post office such as the County it was in, the dates that it operated in and the rarity of the covers that can be found carrying that cancel. You can also post your covers on the site so that we can all enjoy them. You must be a registered member of the site to do so.

National Postal Museum - (Smithsonian) USA
Dedicated to the preservation, study and presentation of postal history and philately through stamps and objects.

New South Wales Revenue Stamps
This is a very useful site for information on NSW revenues. I discovered that NSW revenues are not covered by Scott so this site was very helpful.

New Zealand Cancels - A test for Randy to try
This is a test link request setup for Randy to try.

NY Stock Transfer Tax Stamp Identification
The most complete site about the NY State Stock Transfer Tax Stamps currently on the Internet.

Online Stamp Identifier (ISWSC)
The International Society of World Wide Stamp Collectors online Stamp identifier.

Paleophilatelie.eu - representation of Paleontology in Philately
Paleophilatelie is a topical collecting of post stamps and another kind of philatelic material (covers, post cards, postal stationery, post marks etc.) depicted dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals or plants, fossils, fossil found sites, humans ancestors, paleontologists and contributors to the science as well as some museums with significant paleontological collections. In other worlds this site is about representation of Paleontology in Philately.

Plate Number Coil Collectors Club
Nearly everything you'd ever want to know about PNC's can be found here!

Plating and Identification of the 1 Cent Ben Franklin
The most detailed website on the 1 Cent Blue Ben Franklin of 1851 Scott Design type A5 for plating and identification.

Post Office In Paradise
Dedicated to the study and sharing of information about the stamps and postal history of Hawaii in the years before it became a territory of the United States on June 14, 1900.

Postal Administration Agencies of UPU countries
Contact information for all member countries of the Universal Postal Union.

The site is being added to on a regular basis, although currently has been dormant during a major change of address. It includes Postal History articles, from New Zealand, Great Britain, Military, Royal Navy, Social Postal History. Philately New Zealand, Great Britain, Fundamentals. Aerophilately Pigeon Post NZ. Postal Stationery NZ, GB, Other. Postcards. Fundamentals. Collectables. Publications. Surplus items. Personal Information.

Postal Stationery of Denmark
The bi-coloured postal stationery of Denmark 1871-1905. Information about the postal history and varieties. Lots of pictures and links to other postal stationery related websites.

Postmark Collectors Club.
Postmark Collectors Club.

Precancel Stamp Society of Great Britain
Membership consists of approximately 93 of which about 30 are overseas members in USA, Canada and Europe. Membership costs are quite reasonable and a bi-monthly newsletter sent electronically. For further information contact dedhughes@elk117.plus.com

Royal Philatelic Society & Museum - London
Royal Philatelic Society & Museum - London

Ruskystamps Russia Stamp Album Pages - free PDFs
Sharing my "DIY" colour illustrated Russia stamp album page design project - many years of design work gathering stamp information; scanning and cropping many thousands of stamps and then designing pages using QuarkXPress Passport desktop publishing software. Stamps have individual captions as well as set titles and snippets of Russian history. Very inclusive pages 1858-2019. FREE PDF page downloads are available from my website.

Scanning tips: Basics
Here is a very helpful site that defines and explains the basics in scanning. This will be helpful for the seller, as well as archivists.

Sperati Forgery Index
his is an ongoing project that will show Sperati forgeries. It will be added to regularly. Click on hyperlink to go to that country. Click on any stamp to see a 300 dpi image of that forgery.

Stamp Collecting Blog
From worldwide collector to other worldwide collectors. Over 400 articles about the pleasures and challenges of collecting the world. Hands on advice about the practical side of collecting, deep thoughts about the state of the hobby, in-depth looks of challenging stamp series, new finds, forgeries, short tidbits etc.

This site contains a guide to Stamp Expertising and Philatelic Experts, there marks and locations of there marks. This site also contains information on forged stamps and postmarks along with a vast amount of other pertinent data to help educate the collector.

Star Cancels of New York State
Pages featuring a sample of the various types, colors, styles and dates of use of star cancels from New York State. Site will be updated as new star cancel covers are acquired.

The History of Postcards
This link was suggested by Lauren, who is a student volunteer at the Knox County Central School District Library in Maine. Thank you for the suggestion Lauren.

The International Machine Cancel Society
This is the website of the International Machine Cancel Society. The primary focus of the website is on US Machine Cancels, but they study machine cancels from around the world.

The Perfins Club
Perfins are stamps that have been perforated with designs, initials, or numerals by private business and governmental agencies to discourage theft and misuse.

The Richard C. Witt Cinderella Reference Collection
A good site for the Cinderella collector

Theme Birds on Stamps by Kjell Scharning
BirdStamps The complete listing of whole world bird stamp issues Presented under country heading chronologically with date and description. More than 28000 stamps are listed with face value and bird name in English and Latin. All known issues are listed, more than 8000 issues are illustrated. BirdStamps is here, on 370 webpages, each country has its own page. and systematic species lists are also available.

U. S. Philatelic Classics Society
Specialists in US classic issues will love this site. Tons of information and illustrations

United Postal Stationery Society
A Society of Philatelists devoted to the collection, research, and promotion of World Wide Postal Stationery.

United States Stamp Company
Established 1928 in San Francisco, United States Stamp Company is one of the most respected names in the collectible field. For decades we have been a trusted source for buying, selling and appraisals of rare stamps and other collectibles.

Unusual Stamps
The 'unusual stamps' are stamps from around the world unconventional, unusual for materials used for forms and visual effects or other peculiarities. In these pages, divided into various sections - mainly inspired by the five senses - you will find interactive, multimedia, three-dimensional lenticular, fragrant with applied materials, made of wood, plastic, cloth or metal, with holograms, heat-sensitive, iridescent, custom , advertising, in Braille, with micro-text or other safety features with sizes from records, bizarre shapes and much more ... **NOTE** The website is in Italian.

USA: List of Revenue Literature
This is a link to a Stamporama discussion thread, with the initial post consisting of a list of various resources relating to Unites States revenues. Follow the thread for additional listings.

DISCLAIMER: Listing any site or page in this Links area does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Stamporama or any of its members, and anyone accessing these sites or pages, or downloading or purchasing items from these sites or pages, does so at their own risk and hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Stamporama and its members for any alleged harm resulting therefrom.

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