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Stamporama Anniversary
The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps
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Stamporama Anniversary
The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps
Discussion - Member to Member Sales - Research Center

What we collect!
What we collect!


(as approved on September 8th 2023)

  1. StampoRama is a club that fosters, develops and otherwise enhances the avocation of stamp collecting by offering various services commonly found in all aspects of the hobby for the benefit of its registered members. 

  2. As of Jan 31, 2021, StampoRama Inc is incorporated in the State of Minnesota, USA.  

  3. As of July 24th, 2023, StampoRama Inc no longer requires members to pay membership dues. StampoRama Inc. is henceforth funded by donations from members alone. 

  4. A small, self-appointed and sustaining Management Team comprised of volunteer members administers StampoRama. 

  5. The Management Team operates in an informal manner. Proposals and changes in most cases are approved by simple assent, or consensus. Important decisions, such as those affecting these Bylaws, require a formal vote which is administered by the President.

  6. The team is responsible for making additions and changes to the website it operates, establishing operating procedures and rules of conduct. The team oversees and enforces the StampoRama Code of Conduct

  7. The President is the spokesperson for StampoRama, and has general supervisory authority over all matters concerning it. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees. 

  8. The Web Master oversees and maintains the stability and integrity of the web site, making programming changes as needed, and leads all projects concerning web site maintenance and programming. 

  9. The Auctioneers oversee and enforce the rules of the auction (and Approvals) platform. This includes suspending sales platform privileges of members who disregard the auction or approval books rules. The Moderators oversee and enforce the rules of conduct on the Discussion Board. This includes but is not limited to, the closing of discussion threads or the removal of individual posts if needed and the muting of a member if required. 

  10. All Management Team members perform other rolls as required. 

  11. Both the President and the Management Team may create work committees. Work committees operate independently, but report progress to the President or Management Team member designated by the President. 

  12. The Management Team selects its replacements, new members, volunteers and assistants by invitation from within the team and from the general membership.  

  13. If a member repetitively breaks the StampoRama Code of Conduct or the StampoRama User Agreement, and the member having been warned about said breaks by a member of the Management Team, again break the StampoRama Code of Conduct or the StampoRama User Agreement, the Management Team upon receiving a majority vote of the Management Team, reserves the right to discontinue the membership for the member.  In addition, the Auction Moderator, Approvals Moderator, and President may all act unilaterally and suspend any member’s auction or approval rights if they see activity that constitutes a real or potential threat to the site or its members. This includes muting the person's ability to post on the Discussion Board.

  14. Members whose membership or rights have been suspended or revoked may appeal the decision to the Ombudsman, who, together with two other members not among the MT will hear and determine the validity of the appeal.  It is incumbent upon the appellant to prove the validity of the appeal.  The Ombudsman’s decision is final.  

  15. No officer, member of the Management Team, or registered member shall receive any compensation for services performed for or on behalf of StampoRama.

  16. The Management Team may change these bylaws by a two-thirds majority vote of the team.


The bylaws were approved on September 8, 2023, and replace all prior editions of bylaws and/or constitutions for Stamporama as of the date of approval.


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