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Space Shuttle Enterprise (OV-101)

by John Macco
15th of January 2012

On September 17, 1976, the Space Shuttle Enterprise was rolled out at the Rockwell International's manufacturing plant in Palmdale, Ca. for a dedication ceremony prior to the Approach and Landing Tests (ALT) in 1977. The illustrated cover was autographed by the following shuttle project officials:

(1) Program Director, NASA Hq. Myron Malkin

(2) Project Manager, KSC, Robert Gray

(3) External Tank Manager, MSFC, James Odom

(4) Project Manager, MSFC, Robert Lindstrom

(5) SRB Project Manager, MSFC, George Hardy

(6) Main Engines Project Manager, MSFC, James Thompson

(7) Orbiter Project Manager, JSC, Aaron Cohen

(8) Program Manager, JSC, Robert Thompson

(9) Approach Landing Test Manager, JSC, Deke Slayton

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