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4486/SG:3656;MNH;2014;Cat £ 3.25  Hot

Views: 11

Great Britain

Charlie200928 Feb
4421/SG: 3026a;2010;MNH;Cat £ 9.00  Hot

Views: 11

Great Britain

Charlie200928 Feb
4468/SG: MS3641;2014;MNH;Cat £ 5.25  Hot

Views: 15

Great Britain

Charlie200928 Feb
4525/SG:3687a;MNH;2015;Cat £ 4.50  Hot

Views: 17

Great Britain

Charlie200928 Feb
4419/SG: MS3024;2010;MNH;Cat £ 9.50  Hot

Views: 13

Great Britain

Charlie200928 Feb
4526/SG:3694a;MNH;2015;Cat £ 4.50  Hot

Views: 13

Great Britain

Charlie200928 Feb
CANADA 2015 - #2792 Original Six (Pierre Pilote) - Used Single  Hot

Views: 9


Patches06 Mar
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Auction Lots Per Page: the default Auction Lots Per Page is currently set at 30. You now have the ability to change the number of Auction Lots displayed per page by changing the setting in your profile in the Members Area. If the system forgets your selected setting for the number of lots displayed per page, just log back into the system to re-establish it.

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The "Fav Countries" option and the "Fav Categories" option work in conjunction with the "My Favorite Countries" and "My Favorite Categories" options on the Buyers dropdown menu. You can create lists of your favorite countries and favorite categories and then the "My Favs" dropdown menu, accessed from the blue navigation bar above, will display all the lots in the Auction for your favorite countries or categories. For more help watch the video on this posting in the Discussion Board. Click here.

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