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Club Business & Announcements/Club Business : My Favorite Countries Auction enhancement has been implemented

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12 Feb 2020
Hi Everyone,
I have implemented the "My Favorite Countries" enhancement that I wrote about a few days back. This enhancement gives you ability to setup a list countries that you are interested in at this point in time. I know my collecting interest moves around a lot but there are always about six countries that I am focusing on at that point in time. This enhancement lets you setup that list of countries that you are interested in and then using the new "My Favs" option on the Auction page you can see all the lots in the Auction just for the countries in your favorites list.

Take a look at the following video. It will explain how it works.

One thing to keep in mind, as well as this enhancement to give you a favorites list by country group, in order to make this work well the Country Code on the Auction Lots is now a required field. This has been applied to the New Auction Lot screen as well as the Bulk Auction Lot Loader.

I hope you will enjoy this new feature.

Regards ... Tim.

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