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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Stamp Descriptive Terms
This is a list of terms compiled by the Stamporama members, to assist in the accurate description of stamps on the Stamporama Auction.

Stamp Identification

Postal History

Storing and Displaying Stamps and Covers

Stamp Collection Valuation

Trading Stamps

Scanning Tips

Stamporama Auction FAQ

The following topics have been suggested by Members as possible FAQ topics.
These topics need someone to "adopt" them and maintain them. Maintenance is easy. No knowledge of web page construction is required. If you are interested in gathering together questions and answers, and maintaining a simple text file on one of the topics below (or your own suggestion), please contact the Webmaster using the link in the menu at left.. Your suggestions for additions to this list are also welcome.

Collecting Cancellations
Stamp Catalog FAQ
Stamp Condition FAQ
Beginner Tips FAQ
Topical Stamps
Thematic Collecting
Stamp Collecting Tools
Stamps on the Internet
How to Photograph Stamps
How to Detect Forgeries
How to Detect Repaired, Re-perfed and Re-gummed Stamps
Watermarks, detection & types

FAQ Maintainers' Manual
FAQ Maintainers' Upload Form