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Europe/Great Britain : Royal Mail new website

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03 Jan 2015
Just found this on BBC news, pity it only goes back to 1965.

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12 Jan 2015
re: Royal Mail new website

Just to elaborate a little; this is a very useful website for quickly finding the last 50 years worth of GB 'commemorative' stamps.

This site can be used to identify specific issues by year, by decade and by issue title (an A-Z search). I must stress that it does NOT refer to any catalogue numbering system.

Royal Mail prefers now to use the term 'special' stamps rather than 'commemorative', as some of these issues are 'pictorials'.

A pictorial issue depicts a subject rather than commemorating an event. For example, birds and butterflies.

This is an excellent source for images of each stamp issued over the last 50 years.

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12 Jan 2015

re: Royal Mail new website

Very nice, and very helpful, especially if one cannot afford / cannot be bothered to buy a new set of catalogues each year (as is the case for me Happy )

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