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Books Listed By: Jan-simon Hoogschagen(siem)

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
15681Unread mini states: San Marino, Vatican, Monaco - mostly mint siem61828.8%0.070.0829
15606Unread Morocco clearance sale siem51598.8%0.060.1044
15651Unread Ruanda and Burundi selection siem718011.7%0.050.0527
15784Unread Iran - from Persia to Islamic republic siem1119512.3%0.103.0022
16039Unread Slovenia, Croatia and some other Yugoslavia related states siem511812.7%0.070.1024
15809Unread Nepal and Bangladesh - small selection of mint and used siem412118.2%0.080.1523
14758Unread Singapore selection of stamps, incl. recent siem412520.8%0.080.2562
16103Unread Nicaragua, incl. many BOB siem413921.6%0.050.1024
15566Unread Cyprus and Malta - mostly used selection siem917322.5%0.060.2525
15838Unread Iraq - variety of old and more recent used stamps siem719922.6%0.081.2526
15742Unread Ethiopia old to new, mostly used - book 2 siem711126.1%0.103.0034
15663Unread Austria commems and miniature sheets 1940s to 2000s siem2136926.8%0.104.0032
14788Unread Vietnam, all periods, including some Vietcong stamps siem1333727.0%0.060.9058
15855Unread France - commems and some back of book stuff siem719632.7%0.070.1030
15386Unread Netherlands euro values siem827536.0%0.100.2046
15760Unread People's Republic of China 1950 to 2000s, with a few oldies as well siem821240.1%0.100.5033
15740Unread Republic of China (Taiwan) selection siem310541.9%0.100.1026
15819Unread Pakistan - mostly commems used siem614643.2%0.100.5019
15421Unread Israel - from #1 to recent times siem1547946.6%0.050.3033
15773Unread Libya, United Arab Emirates and other Arab states - part 2 siem914846.6%0.103.0022
15424Unread Portuguese colonies, mainly Mozambique and Angola siem519552.8%0.080.0841
15385Unread Netherlands Antilles selection, incl. some Aruba siem620856.3%0.100.1035
15820Unread Netherlands euro values - all used, part 2 siem610462.5%0.155.0027
16060Unread Belgian precancels and railways - all different (well, almost all) siem418881.9%0.050.1032
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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