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Books Listed By: Jan-simon Hoogschagen(siem)

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13815Unread Colombia: selection of various used stamps, most periods included siem82769.1%0.100.1026
13901Unread Russia / Soviet Union souvenir sheets Price Reducedsiem20999.1%0.401.3029
13837Unread Russia / Soviet Union plus area (Ukraine / Moldova etc) siem816213.6%0.050.5030
13610Unread Germany - Bundespost semipostals, part 2 siem810914.7%0.151.5034
13781Unread Hungary large selection starting 19th century siem1641816.3%0.060.1030
13672Unread mini states - Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Vatican siem1012920.9%0.050.5036
13856Unread Dutch Colonies: Neth. New Guinea, Neth Indies and Curacao siem518721.4%0.050.2524
13629Unread Czechoslovakia, large selection used / cto - emphasis on 1950s siem829722.9%0.051.5025
13485Unread Spain - 3 long series: Provincial Arms, Regional costumes, New World siem612423.4%0.100.1034
13682Unread Switzerland BOB - Semipostals, airmail, officials siem617124.6%0.100.8030
13396Unread Argentina definitives part 1 - oldies siem511727.4%0.080.4533
13923Unread Topical 'Stamps on stamps' - worldwide with better issues Price Reducedsiem813527.4%0.100.8014
12947Unread Malta - small selection of used stamps siem310229.4%0.070.1045
13599Unread Germany - Bundespost semipostals part 1 siem310331.1%0.100.1028
13600Unread Surinam - mixture with many MNH semipostals siem912231.1%0.105.0033
12563Unread French colonies, mostly used siem722433.5%0.080.2581
13210Unread Nigeria colonial and very recent, all used siem713735.0%0.050.4041
13855Unread British Africa: Sudan, Somaliland, Rhodesia and a few other tidbits siem411236.6%0.100.5025
12827Unread Mozambique - mostly colonial and mostly used siem312836.7%0.100.1040
12651Unread India from the very old to the very new, all used siem614737.4%0.080.9054
13690Unread Spain - book 5: commems focus on 60s to 80s siem1135538.6%0.100.1025
13242Unread British Commonwealth - Caribbean plus Bermuda (no Disney stuff) siem818838.8%0.100.5058
13668Unread Spain book 3 - back of book plus some colonies siem412339.0%0.100.1023
13419Unread Portugal and colonies - a mixture siem1434640.5%0.070.6550
13118Unread Belgium 1980s and 1990s selection siem515142.4%0.080.0839
13241Unread Brit Commonwealth - Atlantic zone (Falklands, Channel isl) / Mauritius siem715542.6%0.101.0060
13284Unread Singapore the sequel - book 2, including very recent siem712343.1%0.101.0038
13829Unread Slovakia - selection of used stamps siem412243.4%0.060.3021
13019Unread Recent France (euro values) - all used siem310843.5%0.100.1053
13724Unread Spain - book 6: commems 80s and beyond siem1238243.7%0.100.1024
13228Unread Papua New Guinea and some other Pacific British Commonwealth Islands siem914844.6%0.082.0045
13526Unread Spain - book 2: more long series (castles, monasteries, uniforms etc) siem1232646.0%0.100.1023
12856Unread Malaya and Malaysia - states to very modern siem1021646.8%0.102.0052
13375Unread Argentina early 1900s to 1960s incl. many officials and other BOB siem1130947.2%0.060.2526
13247Unread France - selection of 1990s-2000s used siem411847.5%0.100.1234
13814Unread Spain - book 7: classics and ATM labels siem819149.2%0.051.0018
13257Unread Luxembourg large selection of used stamps siem923549.8%0.082.0032
13130Unread Bangladesh selection of stamps siem710450.0%0.081.7034
13141Unread China from early 20th century to now, PRC and ROC siem1027452.6%0.050.5052
13409Unread Argentina commems 1960s to 2000s - used siem611153.2%0.101.0027
13188Unread South Africa region: states, homelands, SWA and more siem616158.4%0.100.5040
13311Unread Faroe Islands and Iceland, mostly used siem1519658.7%0.102.2546
13166Unread Kenya Uganda Tanganyika (KUT) selection siem410959.6%0.100.3040
13153Unread Persia / Iran oldies until 1940s siem610660.4%0.102.0032
13669Unread Spain book 4 - various commemoratives siem722060.5%0.100.1024
12493Unread East Germany DDR selection of stamps, used and CTO siem821562.8%0.050.2535
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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