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General Philatelic/Identify This? : I am wondering, anyone read Japanese?

05 Sep 2020
Image Not FoundI have 4 postcards, and no way of knowing where they are being sent, and what the postage is I can list 2 on this thread, then 2 more on the next thread?Image Not Found

Thanks in advance..
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05 Sep 2020

re: I am wondering, anyone read Japanese?

here it the catalog page for these two - from 1988

Image Not Found

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05 Sep 2020
re: I am wondering, anyone read Japanese?

I read a bit of Japanese, but handwriting, especially kind of like calligraphic cursive, from more than 100 years ago, is way beyond my skill set.

However, I can say with confidence that the top card was postmarked in Osaka. I can read that postmark clearly, and it is substantiated by the circular "O" in black.

The bottom card looks like it was mailed *to* Osaka, because I can make out the top-most characters. (Far-right column, first and second characters.)

As for the postmark on that bottom card, I'm not able to read it readily.

Perhaps there are others here with better skills!

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14 Sep 2020
re: I am wondering, anyone read Japanese?

Dear Sir.
This is an old postcard. It's hard to translate because it's written with combination of 3 types of Japanese writing (kanji, hiragana and katana).
The destination and addressed are 3 rows on the right side. This post card is heading toward Osaka, Japan. It's likely to be a business post card, but not casual.
The address of the sender is written on the left side 2 rows. It's the name of the place and the person (Mr. Nagayama). The sender's home is in Matsuyama which is the capitol of Ehime. This is on the island of Shikoku (North East of Japan).

The hand written cursive reads "so I'm going to have a good time to read it, maybe there is something I can't"
This message is too short to interpret the meaning, but I'm guessing it might be a thank you gesture or something related to an anniversary. But I'm 100% sure the sender is sending a warm or positive greeting.

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