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Books Listed By: Robert Bidner(dell4c)

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
16353Unread Norway all .10 dell4c1243312.0%0.100.1048
16224Unread Germany 1990's onward book 2 All .10 dell4c1727514.9%0.100.1029
16198Unread Spain book 1 All .10 dell4c1939721.2%0.100.1035
16317Unread Ceska Republic - all .10 dell4c816722.2%0.100.1029
16371Unread Estonia & Finland all .10 dell4c512122.3%0.100.1041
16122Unread India all .10  dell4c1126423.1%0.100.1037
15785Unread Nigeria all used  dell4c611224.1%0.100.4052
16220Unread Spain book 2 All .10 dell4c1021125.6%0.100.1030
16222Unread Germany 1990's onward book 1 All .10 dell4c1425427.6%0.100.1028
16358Unread Denmark - all .10 dell4c1134028.5%0.100.1038
15946Unread Switzerland 1980 -1997 - mostly used  dell4c2427335.5%0.100.1040
16356Unread Br Comm. leftovers - not enough of a country for a book . All .10  dell4c513742.3%0.100.1034
16170Unread Rep. of China - all .10 1950-80  dell4c1532147.7%0.100.1032
16292Unread Bavaria, Belarus, Benin and Bhutan - enough to make a book all .10 dell4c1019948.2%0.100.1036
15955Unread Thailand BOOK 1 to 1965 mostly used dell4c1218048.3%0.104.0025
16243Unread Ethopia -all .10 dell4c917948.6%0.100.1031
16343Unread Gibraltar, Gold Coast and Ghana - all .10 dell4c1019948.7%0.100.1043
16233Unread Cameroun ans Central Africa - all .10 dell4c610649.1%0.100.1027
16239Unread Dominican Republic & Dominica all .10 dell4c1015849.4%0.100.1027
16277Unread Br Comm. Bermuda,Burma and Cayman Is. All .10  dell4c915751.6%0.100.1033
16252Unread Br Comm. Belize through Bermuda Is. All .10  dell4c716753.9%0.100.1029
16186Unread South Korea & some Kuwait to fill the book almost all used - all .10  dell4c1430155.8%0.100.1034
15945Unread Switzerland to 1980 - mostly used  dell4c2438956.6%0.101.0043
16185Unread Kenya.. .- almost all used - all .10  dell4c1021856.9%0.100.1031
16178Unread Nicaragua - almost all used - all .10  dell4c1830067.7%0.100.1036
15951Unread Switzerland 1997 -2006 mostly used  dell4c2417271.5%0.100.1032
16149Unread Tanzania - mostly Used - All .10 dell4c1021673.1%0.100.1031
16196Unread Rep.of Niger - All .10 dell4c713879.0%0.100.1031
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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