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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Approvals Disc. : A small change implemented to allow already activated books to be modified

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Just one more small cover .....
03 Mar 2020
Inspired by the issue that Steve (cardstamp) had, I just implemented a small change that will allow changes, new pages of material etc, to be made to already activated books without having to inactivated them first. This is to deal with the situation where a seller had already negotiated a rule waiver with the moderator and now wants to add more material or make a change for some reason like Steve needed to do.

The rules for new books do not change. We do not have a rule waiver mechanism at the moment so don't ask Michael for a waiver. We are currently working on a way to provide a waiver request/acceptance/rejection process.

Regards ... Tim.
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04 Mar 2020

re: A small change implemented to allow already activated books to be modified

Thanks for changing this.. I was planning a work around in case it could not be changed back. Steve

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