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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Approvals Disc. : $$ High Dollar Approval Books Activation Question # 3

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16 Feb 2020

I know that this is well understood by sellers like myself that are posting High Dollar Books - but when you get to the activation questions - number 3 says:

#3 The book offers a SUBSTANTIAL selection with a MINIMUM of 100 items (mix of stamps, sets, S/S, FDC, etc.) in the chosen collectible area and no more than 3 copies of any individual item?

For high dollar books when we answer YES - we are actually not being truthful since the High Dollar books could have a minimum of 20 Items.

Maybe the description can be changed to say MINIMUM of 100 items (or 20 items in High Approval Books).

I know the rules have it clearly stated but if we were all following the rules properly these activation questions would not be needed to begin with.. Steve

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