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United States/Covers & Postmarks : for all you walt whitman fans out there.

03 Mar 2016
Wallace Traubel was the son of Horace Traubel, Horace was a close confidant and friend, as well as the literary executor and biographer of Walt Whitman.
Ive got a large collection of Horace covers, and as I was going through them this morning I came across this little gem,
Please note the return address and the date. Maynard and Small was the publishing company that first obtained the right to publish Whitman that year from Mr Traubel, and the company itself had just opened that year. in fact they had changed the name of the company to small and maynard almost immediately
Wallace would have been 7 yrs old, he died the next year to illness. Im going to make the assumption that its a birthday card cover as Wallace had passed from scarlet fever in 98 and would not have malingered that long. all in all a interesting bit of history all jammed into one cover Big Grin. plus hey check out that cancellation! sweet! *grins*
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04 Mar 2016

re: for all you walt whitman fans out there.

What does it say in the last line? New York?

Answering my own question: I now see that Traubel lived in Camden, New Jersey for a long time. Hard to decipher...

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04 Mar 2016
re: for all you walt whitman fans out there.

537 York St.


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