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Books Listed By: Jacques Parent(parjac)

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
16330Unread Astria - Belgium - Greece - Ireland & Italy parjac242540.0%0.010.5028
16050Unread United Stades  parjac121870.0%0.010.1563
15986Unread  South & Ctrl America - included Caribbean parjac231040.0%0.010.2542
16161Unread Canada parjac212880.0%0.010.7545
16355Unread Luxembourg - Netherland & Switzerland  parjac212914.1%0.010.2516
15761Unread France parjac101254.8%0.010.1545
15441Unread Great Britain parjac121286.3%0.010.2095
15362Unread Middle East Country  parjac171086.5%0.010.2539
15265Unread Germany Democratic Republic -- Allied -- Berlin -- Reich parjac1510612.3%0.010.2551
15211Unread African Country  parjac2212814.8%0.010.4073
15539Unread Eastern Europe Country  parjac2427815.1%0.020.3042
15121Unread Spain & Portugal  parjac87916.5%0.010.2552
15468Unread Asian Country parjac187820.5%0.020.3040
15284Unread Deutschland  parjac1115021.3%0.030.3575
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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