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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
15674Unread Germany: 1949-1956 Bundesrepublik, MNH &Used, HIGHER VALUE STAMPS!!!! dresden22720.0%1.00700.0023
15638Unread United States #4- catalog #3448-3978 restocked Oct.10, 2019 Abacusboy4183310.0%0.100.4037
15672Unread UNITED NATIONS MINT & USED CLEARANCE @ 3 CENTS burrowsj143104.2%0.030.0319
15643Unread Norway Abacusboy441174.3%0.100.2023
15678Unread Queens Golden Jubilee MNH, Minisheets, British Commonwealth BrechiniteUK22224.5%1.251.259
15671Unread RUSSIA CLEARANCE @ # CENTS  burrowsj111445.6%0.030.0316
15679Unread ESTONIA FINLAND LATVIA CLEARANCE @ 3 CENTS burrowsj71705.9%0.030.0312
15602Unread Romania Mostly MNH 1947-1992 w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest24586.9%0.0510.0030
15654Unread ** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE ** Spain (1935 - 1960) cardstamp51008.0%0.050.0516
15644Unread Belgium Abacusboy4122088.2%0.080.1528
15606Unread Morocco clearance sale siem51598.8%0.060.1034
15641Unread TRAINS - From Old to New StampDevotee91329.1%0.100.1020
15634Unread BARBADOS, BERMUDA, CAYMAN ISLANDS & DOMINICA StampDevotee1826210.3%0.070.7531
15615Unread Netherlands: 1936 Onward 1938324711210.7%0.100.1036
15651Unread Ruanda and Burundi selection siem718011.7%0.050.0515
15680Unread NORWAY ICELAND CLEARANCE @ 3 CENTS burrowsj612412.1%0.030.0312
15666Unread NETHERLANDS ANTILES - 1958-1970 - MNH, MH, used cougar611512.2%0.100.6011
15677Unread DENMARK CLEARANCE @ 3 CENTS burrowsj613113.0%0.030.0312
15669Unread NORTH KOREA & VIETNAM CLEARANCE @ 3 CENTS  burrowsj1424713.4%0.030.0318
15657Unread ** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE ** French Colonies & Territories  cardstamp510014.0%0.050.0519
15676Unread SWEDEN CLEARANCE @ 3 CENTS  burrowsj1228314.1%0.030.0312
15662Unread ** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE ** Germany (Berlin 1952 - 1969) cardstamp510015.0%0.050.0514
15675Unread CANADA & NEWFOUNDLAND CLEARANCE @ 3 CENTS burrowsj512915.5%0.030.0315
15640Unread Iceland ~ Better Mint & Used Stamps + Singles at 10¢ & 12¢ (PART 2) JohnnyStamp1942815.7%0.106.0039
15598Unread Denmark Abacusboy4826817.5%0.080.2024
15650Unread Stamps from The Vatican - Many MNH mikek51530717.9%0.060.0816
15610Unread Switzerland ~ Mint & Used Early Swiss Semi-Post Stamps- Deep Discounts JohnnyStamp1224519.6%0.508.0022
15616Unread Latin America petunia1122483720.7%0.100.1027
15653Unread ** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE ** Portugal (1912 - 1958) cardstamp510021.0%0.050.0516
15670Unread AFGHANISTAN CAMBODIA KAMPUCHEA LAOS CLEARANCE @ 3 CENTS burrowsj1323021.3%0.030.0317
15603Unread Hungary MNH 1959-1996 w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest247222.2%0.056.5020
15614Unread Space:- Sets & Minisheets from Russia, Mixed. BrechiniteUK242524.0%0.321.5019
15655Unread ** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE ** Spain (1960 - 1974) cardstamp510024.0%0.050.0510
15625Unread Switzerland ~ Modern Used Reload, Higher Values and Semi-Post JohnnyStamp1651225.4%0.060.1221
15663Unread Austria commems and miniature sheets 1940s to 2000s siem2136926.8%0.104.0020
15660Unread ** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE ** Indonesia (Pre 1960) cardstamp510027.0%0.050.0511
15667Unread CUBA - cancelled singles, sets & strips mostly thematic - low prices boxwood910927.5%0.070.2517
15590Unread Finland ~ A selection of Mint Used Semi-Post Stamps JohnnyStamp1543629.6%0.752.5054
15607Unread NEW ZEALAND & OCEANIA MINT & USED burrowsj1529630.4%0.050.5045
15601Unread Norway ~ Mint and Used Souvenir Sheets and Booklets JohnnyStamp133732.4%1.402.5024
15652Unread SOUTH AFRICA - Begins With Scott #1 to 1948  StampDevotee2224132.8%0.107.0022
15624Unread JAPAN - used cougar620334.5%0.050.0716
15600Unread AUSTRALIA ALL PERIODS USED @ 5 CENTS burrowsj1632734.9%0.050.7537
15637Unread Iceland ~ Better Mint and Used Stamps then Used Singles at 10¢ Each JohnnyStamp2451035.3%0.1030.0025
15597Unread MAPS on Stamps, STAMPS on Stamps & MUSIC StampDevotee1316337.4%0.120.1221
15608Unread ARCHAEOLOGICAL FINDS - Used, CTOs & MNH  StampDevotee812639.7%0.100.1027
15665Unread FRANCE on SALE !! Recent, used issues at 7c boxwood820339.9%0.070.0718
15656Unread ** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE ** Czechoslovakia (Bohemia & Moravia) cardstamp510040.0%0.050.0516
15611Unread East Germany, Mixed, 1960 to 1964 BrechiniteUK1216040.0%0.080.0816
15604Unread Angola Mostly Used 1956-70 w/Scott # & index Soundcrest1413940.3%0.051.8019
15605Unread British B Countries 1961-73 mint/used With Scott# Soundcrest1610541.9%0.057.0024
15595Unread Canada- Back of Book- Page added Oct.9 Abacusboy4812642.1%0.101.0042
15622Unread CROATIA - 1991 to 1996 - Many Postal Tax Stamps StampDevotee1722247.7%0.080.7517
15599Unread Indonesia & Netherlands Indies  snowy121210548.6%0.057.0036
15629Unread Jersey, MNH, in order BrechiniteUK1116349.1%0.080.0819
15647Unread British Commonwealth, MNH, Islands and Territories, P to S BrechiniteUK810349.5%0.100.1022
15649Unread Guernsey, MNH, in order BrechiniteUK913452.2%0.080.0815
15613Unread Space, Mixed, Countries S to T BrechiniteUK1011753.0%0.100.1020
15648Unread British Commonwealth, MNH, Islands and Territories, S to Z BrechiniteUK1921553.0%0.100.1021
15596Unread Saar ~ Mint and Used Sets and Singles, Many Better Included JohnnyStamp2037953.3%0.1012.0029
15626Unread East Germany, Mixed, 1964 to 1968 BrechiniteUK1215060.7%0.080.0818
15612Unread Portugal & Azores, Mixed, in order. BrechiniteUK811668.1%0.080.1032
15661Unread ** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE ** Germany (thru 1925) cardstamp510069.0%0.050.0518
15630Unread Isle of Man, MNH, in order BrechiniteUK710272.5%0.080.0817
15645Unread British Commonwealth, MNH, Islands and Territories, K to N BrechiniteUK811878.8%0.100.1020
15658Unread ** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE ** Spanish Colonies Book 1 cardstamp510082.0%0.050.0515
15628Unread British Commonwealth, MNH, Islands & Territoties, C to K BrechiniteUK1013682.4%0.100.1022
15659Unread ** 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE ** Spanish Colonies Book 2 cardstamp510093.0%0.050.0514
15646Unread British Commonwealth, MNH, Islands and Territories, N to P BrechiniteUK812496.8%0.100.1020
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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