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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
12356Unread ALAND 1996 to 1999 - FINLAND 1991 & 1992 - Official Year Sets MNH StampDevotee1960.0%0.0022.0034
12402Unread FIRST FLIGHT POSTCARDS #2 GreekTownStamps15300.0%1.001.009
12393Unread Rwanda 1972-76 MH heavy topicals  stampfair101020.0%0.100.1016
12401Unread FIRST FLIGHT POSTCARDS #1 GreekTownStamps15300.0%1.001.0016
12397Unread Canada Used Book 3 comet66153982.0%0.080.0824
12387Unread Caribbean A-D Countries/Islands comet66153575.9%0.100.1024
12388Unread Caribbean G-T Countries/Islands comet66153217.2%0.100.1023
12374Unread BERLIN: Book 4 -- sets and singles Misterstamper24248.3%0.254.0016
12367Unread #Early COLOMBIA, all with Cat #s. Up to 1950. Used. No BofB rrraphy814912.8%0.120.5023
12384Unread ISRAEL MNH GreekTownStamps2413514.1%0.100.4020
12369Unread South America A-B Countries comet661545514.3%0.050.1025
12382Unread Ecuador (1961 - 1979) cardstamp1018916.4%0.150.4513
12392Unread France and French Colonies petunia1121855419.1%0.050.2524
12372Unread #SRI LANKA all with Cat #s, used, all years (Ceylon in separate book) rrraphy915720.4%0.100.7522
12371Unread South America P-V Countries comet66924621.1%0.100.1016
12394Unread IRELAND - Used stamps, all periods  SandraUK1321322.1%0.100.5020
12368Unread #CEYLON all years. Used, with cat #s and ref years. Some duplicates  rrraphy811022.7%0.1212.0025
12370Unread South America C-G Countries comet661743323.8%0.050.1027
12366Unread Central American Countries comet661736828.8%0.050.1026
12310Unread Czechoslovakia 1967-70 Mint Sets & Singles w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest163729.7%0.052.7513
12398Unread #ARGENTINA 78-85. Used & MNH on Steiner pgs. All with Cat#s, no BofB rrraphy1212129.8%0.081.0011
12311Unread Thailand MNH/Mint Sets/Singles 2003-8 Woth Scott# & Index Soundcrest145131.4%0.051.5019
12385Unread Selection of WW stamps camuca613833.3%0.100.5023
12399Unread French colonies - all .10  dell4c1021234.4%0.100.1019
12363Unread Ecuador (1945 - 1960) cardstamp714037.1%0.150.1514
12386Unread Bermuda - book 3 1874-1977 used dell4c2112241.0%0.1017.5020
12389Unread FRANCE - Used - All From 2000s StampDevotee2457543.0%0.100.1020
12390Unread ISRAEL #2 GreekTownStamps154443.2%0.452.2515
12381Unread British Commonwealth, Mixed, Various countries BrechiniteUK1114843.2%0.080.1021
12373Unread #ARGENTINA 72-78/81 Used & MNH on Steiner pgs. All with Cat#s, no BofB rrraphy1214847.3%0.080.1216
12318Unread Bermuda - book 1 1977-93 used dell4c1813747.4%0.1015.0017
12379Unread East Germany, MNH, 1973 to 1976 BrechiniteUK911448.2%0.090.0911
12364Unread Stamps from New Zealand mikek5612655.6%0.050.0519
12378Unread BRITISH AFRICA vol 2 - KENYA, BASUTOLAND, SWAZILAND & UGANDA boxwood2214755.8%0.061.5021
12395Unread FRANCE - More used 2000s StampDevotee715157.6%0.100.1022
12383Unread Bermuda - book 2 1993 onward used dell4c1416159.6%0.154.0019
12396Unread #ARGENTINA Semi Postal/Air Mail all with Cat #s, Used & MNH, some M rrraphy1218659.7%0.121.2514
12377Unread U.S. FDCs GreekTownStamps122065.0%0.501.7523
12380Unread East Germany, Used & CTO, 1982 to 1990 BrechiniteUK811369.9%0.060.0611
12361Unread East Germany Used to 1984 BrechiniteUK1318077.8%0.050.0514
12365Unread Stamps from Japan Mostly Newer mikek5714183.0%0.060.0616
12312Unread 1992 & 2000 Olympics MNH Sets with Scott # & Index Soundcrest194486.4%0.054.7514
12362Unread Stamps from Uruguay mikek5611989.1%0.050.0519
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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