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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13833Unread Poland 1997-2004 MNH Sets/Complete Singles S/S With Scott#/Index Soundcrest19850.0%0.052.2517
13678Unread Germany & Area mjp3151990.0%0.062.5031
13830Unread Norway Mint/Used Through 1980s w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest242651.5%0.055.7525
13845Unread Greece, Used, 1976 to 1979 BrechiniteUK101061.9%0.080.0814
13846Unread Finland, Used to 1968 BrechiniteUK101174.3%0.080.0827
13840Unread Luxembourg, used, mint sorted by scott number stampfair21195.0%0.090.0934
13823Unread RUSSIA comet66102278.4%0.100.1031
13815Unread Colombia: selection of various used stamps, most periods included siem82769.1%0.100.1024
13836Unread COMBINED LISTING OF USED STAMPS FROM GERMANY & ITALY Grampaone8741319.9%0.040.0420
13837Unread Russia / Soviet Union plus area (Ukraine / Moldova etc) siem816210.5%0.050.5022
13847Unread Italy, Used, 1953 to 1961 BrechiniteUK912110.7%0.080.0819
13838Unread Canada - Old and New - All sorts - used Henpatch510912.8%0.050.0824
13839Unread Australia - old and new - used and mint Price ReducedHenpatch912413.7%0.051.5012
13835Unread Greece 1981-1990 mainly used winkerbids1614715.0%0.100.1012
13816Unread Great Britain, used (book 2) Germet1526215.3%0.070.0743
13813Unread Belgium1 Mostly Used, BoB Parcel Post/Railway david13617512815.6%0.060.0831
13844Unread Italy Mixed, mostly 1960 to 1972 BrechiniteUK910517.1%0.080.0817
13829Unread Slovakia - selection of used stamps siem412219.7%0.060.3020
13856Unread Dutch Colonies: Neth. New Guinea, Neth Indies and Curacao siem518721.4%0.050.2513
13851Unread Selection of WW stamps camuca610423.1%0.060.6521
13821Unread New Zealand dell4c2438023.7%0.104.0033
13825Unread Australia - Christmas Island - all sorts - mint - used Henpatch713825.4%0.080.2521
13849Unread Asian countries - Korea; Hong Kong and China camuca512225.4%0.080.1517
13818Unread Europa/CEPT Complete Issues, Used LVS9541714226.1%0.101.1039
13841Unread CAPE OF GOOD HOPE - NATAL - ORANGE RIVER COLONY - TRANSVAAL StampDevotee1214727.9%0.101.1524
13827Unread Austria used and mint hinged winkerbids1325728.4%0.100.1018
13843Unread British Commonwealth, MNH & MH, Various Countries BrechiniteUK810929.4%0.090.1021
13855Unread British Africa: Sudan, Somaliland, Rhodesia and a few other tidbits siem411232.1%0.100.5014
13820Unread FRANCE - mainly RECENT, used issues, with Euro face values boxwood1124335.8%0.080.1519
13832Unread St Thomas To 1972 Mint/Used W/Scott# & Index Soundcrest158537.6%0.053.0010
13831Unread Iceland Mint/Used Sets/Singles Through 1990s w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest2311941.2%0.0510.5021
13814Unread Spain - book 7: classics and ATM labels siem819149.2%0.051.0018
13824Unread CARIBBEAN - used and mint cougar1117554.9%0.031.5025
13826Unread Belgium2 Definitives, Parcel, Pre-cancels, Comm's U/MH/MNH from 2c/ea david13617815358.2%0.062.7525
13828Unread JAPAN - 2010-2018 - used cougar520259.9%0.050.0519
13812Unread ANGUILLA - 1968 to 1994 StampDevotee236566.2%0.104.9040
13848Unread Belgium3 Semi-Postals U/MH/MNH Singles/Sets 1914-1982 w/Scott #'s david136171516573.3%0.072.5017
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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