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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
10577Unread Japan 2014 used issues ConnieB132250.0%0.100.2521
10586Unread UMM AL QIWAIN - Large Variety of Used/CTO Stamps - Lots of 3-D Kemling1151840.0%0.151.0010
10576Unread Panama Book 2 - 1960 - 1970 cardstamp91560.0%0.150.7514
10582Unread UNITED NATIONS - New York, Geneva, Vienna allyouneedgalaxy91440.0%0.050.2616
10578Unread GB - Machin Heads - used Jacques161431.4%0.0845.0021
10588Unread AFRICA VARIETY OF COUNTRIES MINT & USED 1950-2000 burrowsj244412.3%0.050.054
10585Unread France - 1929-1959 - used Jacques191572.5%0.084.0014
10567Unread Italy, Used, Definitives and BOB BrechiniteUK51283.1%0.050.0519
10532Unread CANADA - Large Selection of USED Stamps Kemling1216235.5%0.100.1022
10583Unread DDR / East Germany book 2: 1950-1979 used/cto siem81825.5%0.050.359
10542Unread US mint never hinged plate blocks postage stamps  ccndd231875.9%0.151.2022
10581Unread France - 1970-1979 - used Jacques111127.1%0.080.5519
10551Unread Czechoslovakia Mint/MNH Sets and Singles 1950-80's w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest21657.7%0.011.5015
10575Unread Norway - 1922-2008 - used Jacques101138.0%0.080.4523
10562Unread Japan 2016 - 2017 used issues ConnieB71529.2%0.200.2024
10568Unread Switzerland, Used, Definitives BrechiniteUK71039.7%0.050.0520
10545Unread US mint never hinged plate blocks postage stamps  ccndd2417310.4%0.150.5023
10571Unread FAROE ISLANDS - Faroyar - Great Selection of USED Stamps Kemling1612910.9%0.150.7517
10492Unread Caribbean - Cuba Used Stamps Stevo45920411.8%0.050.1014
10543Unread US mint never hinged plate blocks postage stamps  ccndd2417412.1%0.051.2017
10546Unread HONDURAS - Large Selection of USED Stamps Kemling1821312.7%0.100.1014
10559Unread AUSTRALIA - USED Grampaone87719613.3%0.100.1019
10549Unread Russia Mint & Used Through 1964 With Scott# & Index Soundcrest2219514.4%0.012.5016
10541Unread US mint never hinged US postage stamps  ccndd2269214.6%0.050.3024
10548Unread Berlin Germany Used All Years With Scott# & Index Soundcrest2316416.5%0.0111.0019
10584Unread UNITED STATES - USED Grampaone871227820.1%0.040.7914
10550Unread Virgin Islands Between # 206 & 483 MNH Sets With Scott#/Index  Soundcrest205820.7%0.0112.0012
10540Unread US mint never hinged plate blocks US postage stamps & 2 FDCs ccndd2418220.9%0.051.6020
10561Unread Caribbean - Anguilla, Antigua, Bermuda Cayman + Mint & Used Stamps  Price ReducedStevo45510322.3%0.050.0514
10563Unread BRITISH CARIBBEAN GRENADA DOMINICA ANTIGUA MINT 1960-1985 burrowsj1831124.4%0.030.0321
10580Unread DDR / East Germany book 1: 1981-1990 used/cto siem613826.8%0.100.2511
10555Unread NEW FRANCE & FRENCH COLONIES MINT & USED 1950-2000 burrowsj2244026.8%0.030.0428
10528Unread Cuba - mostly 1930s to 1960, also BOB siem717928.5%0.070.2522
10566Unread U.S. First Day covers: Sc.#'s 1552//1772. Stampfire244829.2%0.500.5015
10539Unread US single mint never hinged postage stamps ccndd2467830.7%0.050.3523
10525Unread Eastern Europe - Bulgaria, DDR, Poland - used and mint cougar1815731.8%0.031.5016
10547Unread Japan 1970-2015 cougar1035634.0%0.030.0619
10554Unread U.S. First Day covers: Sc.#'s 1178//1396. Stampfire244837.5%0.500.5018
10572Unread ASIA VARIETY OF COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj1416139.1%0.053.9924
10569Unread Panama Book 1 - Pre 1960 cardstamp915639.7%0.150.7514
10558Unread Liberia#2, Used/CTO/MH, Ind and sets, higher CV's, 1866-1980  david136171622241.4%0.112.0015
10564Unread RAS AL KHAIMA - Large Selection of Used/CTO Stamps & Sheets Kemling12313041.5%0.152.0012
10544Unread Liberia 3, MH&Used, Regular and BOB, 1897-1980, all @7 cents david13617817942.5%0.070.0713
10556Unread U.S. First Day covers: Sc.#'s 1393//1483a. Stampfire244847.9%0.500.5019
10526Unread Philippines, Used, 1950's to 1960's BrechiniteUK1214450.7%0.070.0712
10565Unread U.S. First Day covers: Sc.#'s 1484//1551. Stampfire244854.2%0.500.5012
10536Unread Venezuela - Mint & Used (1879 to 1951) Dakota2425356.1%0.051.5016
10530Unread Papua New Guinea - Mint & Used (1952-1993) Dakota2015957.2%0.051.4524
10560Unread Germany - Reich some leftover bits and pieces - Ausverkauf! siem714858.8%0.104.0029
10538Unread Venezuela - Mint & Used (1953 to 1979) Dakota2021167.3%0.050.6013
10531Unread U.S. First Day covers: Sc.#'s 954//991. Stampfire244868.8%0.500.5018
10557Unread Venezuela Airmails - Used (1952 to 1971) Dakota1414878.4%0.050.4513
10552Unread Venezuela Back of Book - Mint & Used (1898 to 1951) Dakota1416086.9%0.050.5515
10573Unread U.S. First Day covers: Sc.#'s 1597// 1935. Stampfire244687.0%0.500.5015
10533Unread U.S. First Day covers: Sc.#'s 993//1083. Stampfire244889.6%0.500.5022
10553Unread Venezuela Airmails - Used (1951 Arms Issue) Dakota1510092.0%0.101.2516
10574Unread U.S. First Day covers: Sc.#'s 1939// 2514 + a few earlier ones. Stampfire244697.8%0.500.5018
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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