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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
8959Unread Vatican city and San Marino siem61164.3%0.080.0810
8943Unread ITALY - ITALIA - Large Selection of USED Stamps Kemling1134305.6%0.100.1516
8954Unread Dominican Republic (mint) And Early Haiti Used Soundcrest2322710.6%0.055.506
8916Unread WESTERN EUROPE-Used & unused stamps. HIARGIUS710414.4%0.040.9523
8946Unread SINGAPORE - a small, wide variety - old & new, used. boxwood810515.2%0.052.8016
8944Unread `USA- Single,used stamps.GREAT AMERICANS SERIES. HIARGIUS49716.5%0.030.1018
8871Unread Eastern Europe - Hungary 1900 to 1990 Used Stamps Stevo452261519.2%0.050.0522
8945Unread India and states plus bob and misc. 1850-1992. Mainly used. sheepshanks1237820.9%0.050.2033
8963Unread South Africa used grorod510022.0%0.050.2011
8913Unread Inaugural Flight covers (Lufthansa) Opa244623.9%2.0015.0022
8907Unread GREAT BRITAIN-Unused,Used,Single & Sets. HIARGIUS1517424.1%0.030.7519
8958Unread CAMEROUN - 1916/199 - Stamps N°67/854 +Airmail+Taxes-USED/MNH/HINGED thaisballtrap1014325.9%0.080.6819
8915Unread YUGOSLAVIA - JUGOSLAVIJA - Large Selection of USED Stamps Kemling1619728.4%0.100.1013
8953Unread CAMBODIA - KAMPUCHEA - Large Selection of Colorful Topicals Kemling1816629.5%0.200.2014
8948Unread Solomon Islands and Tuvalu - mainly mint. With sets and sheets 2 Tobbe656224729.8%0.338.0014
8908Unread DDR - EAST GERMANY - Wide Variety of USED & CTO Stamps Kemling11439631.1%0.100.1517
8950Unread PORTUGAL - a few stamps, used, mainly from 1970-1990 boxwood716433.5%0.070.2013
8840Unread Sweden 1974-81 Mint Sets and Complete Singles Soundcrest249937.4%0.105.5013
8912Unread Maldives - Mint and Used Stamps SandraUK1122438.4%0.100.5021
8964Unread Greece used grorod510040.0%0.050.358
8965Unread New Zealand - Back of Book siem310048.0%0.100.158
8909Unread GREAT BRITAIN MNH Regionals, Machins, Sets, Singles, 1929-1993 Book 4 Cactusjack246750.7%0.1349.9514
8947Unread Solomon Islands and Tuvalu - mainly mint. With sets and sheets Tobbe656174955.1%0.058.0011
8952Unread Germany: Local issues (1945-1946). Lokalausgaben. MNH,MLH Used. Price Reduceddresden2117656.3%0.3040.0033
8906Unread GREAT BRITAIN MNH Regionals, Machins, Sets, Singles, 1892-2001 Book 3 Cactusjack247263.9%0.1247.9570
8839Unread Olympic & Sports Complete Sets & Singles Mint/Used Through 1996 Soundcrest248464.3%0.204.2510
8911Unread South Africa, Used, Various Eras BrechiniteUK910866.7%0.080.0812
8910Unread British Commonwealth, Used, Various Countries BrechiniteUK910875.9%0.080.0819
8951Unread Sport stamps. Contains some sheets, blocks & set Tobbe656128977.5%0.101.0013
8949Unread Isle of Man, MNH, from first definitives to 1983 BrechiniteUK1416878.6%0.100.1013
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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