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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
11134Unread Br. Commonwealth mint MNH with sets and sheets Tobbe65622370.0%0.708.0023
11115Unread UNITED STATES MNH between Scott 899 and Scott 1134 - Years 1940-1958 Cactusjack101930.0%0.051.350
11144Unread TURKEY - Selection of USED Stamps Kemling161600.0%0.100.102
11116Unread NICARAGUA - variety of MNH & cto singles & sets - low prices boxwood212850.4%0.080.6010
11089Unread used definitives BRD Opa245150.4%0.122.5031
11130Unread All Scandinavian Countries 1870-1980 comet66165351.9%0.080.0826
11071Unread BARBADOS MNH Sets Singles S/S 1882-1995 Book1 Cactusjack23482.1%0.1019.4530
11091Unread FAROE ISLANDS - FAROYAR - Wide Selection of MNH Stamps Kemling1184572.8%0.251.0016
11096Unread Switzerland, used (not sorted) Opa71702.9%0.150.1525
11129Unread East Germany (DDR) Used Sets/Singles With Scott#/Index  Soundcrest231243.2%0.013.007
11097Unread Bulgaria Book 6 (Regular Issues 1960 - 1968) cardstamp132553.5%0.100.5011
11087Unread Faroe Islands~ Mint No Hinge Sets (MNH) JohnnyStamp16806.3%0.352.1520
11139Unread Canada - allsorts - used Henpatch71256.4%0.050.1520
11145Unread OCEANIA-Australia,New Zealand,Papua New Guinea-Single,Used stamps. HIARGIUS71577.0%0.040.041
11138Unread Malaysia - old and new including many state stamps siem51458.3%0.100.1515
11133Unread CANADA- Single,used stamps. HIARGIUS101988.6%0.040.2022
11140Unread SWITZERLAND-Single,used stamps. HIARGIUS71559.0%0.040.1516
11088Unread Japan and Prefectures - used  Henpatch112109.0%0.080.7015
11067Unread Brazil Used Singles 1960-70's With Scott # & Index  Soundcrest141039.7%0.015.5016
11101Unread USA-:Unused stamps:MNH;MH; MNG;MDG. HIARGIUS1312912.4%0.010.4314
11117Unread New Zealand Used comet66824114.9%0.080.0822
11111Unread Portugal & Colonies (old stamps) camuca512915.5%0.060.0820
11119Unread Czechoslovakia 1900-1980 comet661442517.4%0.080.0815
11143Unread Fr. COLONIES 2 (Indo China, Guyana) all with Cat#/yrs  rrraphy1121218.9%0.120.6018
11079Unread Bulgaria comet661740819.9%0.080.0812
11136Unread Germany, 1954 to 1997. Used and MNH BrechiniteUK1213820.3%0.100.1016
11092Unread EX-FRENCH AFRICA - 21 different countries and territories  allyouneedgalaxy812621.4%0.052.0030
11109Unread Bulgaria Book 7 (Back of the Book Issues thru 1966) cardstamp1017522.9%0.150.4511
11142Unread British Antarctic Territory MNH 1990s MDavis122623.1%1.0518.0010
11103Unread LATIN AMERICA, Vol. 5 - Deluxe Used and Mint allyouneedgalaxy1013723.4%0.100.9023
11093Unread SOUTH AFRICA – 1950-2015 Used allyouneedgalaxy715225.0%0.030.2425
11125Unread St Vincent Minisheets MNH 1991-2009 Tobbe656246025.0%0.702.7012
11100Unread USA-:Unused stamps:MNH;MH; MNG;MDG. HIARGIUS1719425.3%0.030.4312
11122Unread OCEANIA-(Australia,New Zealand,Papua New Guinea).Simngle,used stamps. HIARGIUS1019328.0%0.040.5528
11083Unread MIDDLE EAST, Vol. 2 - Cyprus, Turkey, Levant allyouneedgalaxy710728.0%0.050.4520
11114Unread UK and Ireland - used cougar1332528.9%0.050.3523
11127Unread South Georgia &South sandwich Islands MNH MDavis132832.1%1.2517.0026
11094Unread LATIN AMERICA, Vol. 2 - Commoners allyouneedgalaxy615532.3%0.050.1014
11118Unread MONACO to 1986 All with Cat #s/Yrs Used, M, MNH  rrraphy1823333.5%0.082.5035
11081Unread Angola - colonial and modern, incl. high values siem514436.8%0.100.4520
11107Unread SWITZERLAND, Vol. 2 – 1987-2017 Used allyouneedgalaxy1022236.9%0.050.2612
11102Unread LATIN AMERICA, Vol. 4 - Mint allyouneedgalaxy715737.6%0.050.109
11132Unread Fr. COLONIES 1 (Equ & West Africa, Martinique) all with Cat#/yrs  rrraphy1119539.0%0.120.2531
11124Unread Jamaica & St Kitts Nevis m/u Sets/Singles thru 1979 W/Scott # & Index  Soundcrest1914139.0%0.0114.0010
11082Unread Portuguese colonies, including Madeira and Azores siem712140.5%0.102.5017
11085Unread MALAYSIA 1960-2016 Used allyouneedgalaxy715741.4%0.050.1429
11110Unread ROMANIA-Used,single stamps. HIARGIUS716442.1%0.020.0316
11090Unread China comet66514842.6%0.080.0819
11086Unread EX-BRITISH AFRICA - 21 different countries and territories  allyouneedgalaxy1021243.9%0.050.2531
11123Unread Uruguay - Mostly used (1960 to 1995) Dakota1416444.5%0.050.3015
11141Unread Fr. Mandate over SYRIA 1919-1934 All with Cat#s/Yrs rrraphy1215044.7%0.127.5018
11113Unread USA-Used,single stamps:Presorted,Bulk,Nonprofit,Alphabetical,Americana HIARGIUS613145.0%0.020.3514
11108Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH HIGH OCTANE - Used, Scott CV $2 and up  allyouneedgalaxy1321045.2%0.201.5023
11121Unread Panama& Paraguay,mostly used, some MNH sets, w/ Scott#'s david136171213151.1%0.060.7513
11120Unread Uruguay - Mostly used (1889 to 1959) Dakota812751.2%0.050.0515
11099Unread North Korea - mainly used/CTO 60s to 80s siem510254.9%0.104.0019
11095Unread LATIN AMERICA, Vol. 3 - Surcharges and Overprints allyouneedgalaxy411356.6%0.050.0521
11084Unread PERSIAN GULF - Iran and Arabian Peninsula allyouneedgalaxy610161.4%0.050.4014
11105Unread CARIBBEAN DELIGHT, Vol 2. - 20 different countries and territories allyouneedgalaxy917465.5%0.030.2516
11098Unread Bulgaria, Greece, Poland - a few stamps cougar1011667.2%0.059.5020
11137Unread Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Tristan da Cunha- small selection dell4c1111376.1%0.100.7519
11066Unread 1988 Olympic Sets All MNH With Scott# & Index Soundcrest193783.8%0.015.0019
11080Unread Spanish colonies, mint and used siem310384.5%0.100.1016
11131Unread St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent and Sarawak Price Reduceddell4c1411297.3%0.101.2030
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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