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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
12047Unread #British Colonies 1 A-C(partial) All with Cat #s. Not in sequence. rrraphy222900.0%0.102.502
12045Unread Canada Modern MNH comet66181420.0%0.063.006
12024Unread France Sets & Complete Singles 1989-91 MNH w/Index & Scott# Soundcrest15660.0%0.013.508
12025Unread Israel FDC 1980s - 1990's w/Index & Scott#'a Soundcrest24452.2%0.013.0011
12044Unread World Wide mix camuca92375.1%0.080.086
12026Unread AFRICA REPUBLIC OF GUINEA GUINEA-BISSAU MINT & USED burrowsj913710.2%0.050.1515
12022Unread Isle Of Man & Alderney Used 1970-90's w/Index & Scott# Soundcrest1313910.8%0.010.8517
12010Unread #ALGERIA French and Independent, In order. All with Cat numbers. rrraphy814413.2%0.120.5034
12008Unread Flora - flowers (orchids and others) camuca713715.3%0.080.1516
12001Unread Canada used 2006-2017 (51c and up) siem1734819.0%0.084.0037
12004Unread REPUBLICS: GUINEE, MALAGASY & MALI comet661120620.9%0.020.0823
12009Unread French Africa - post independence - topicals dell4c1419622.4%0.100.2521
12014Unread ISRAEL 1948 - 1978 Used SandraUK2451122.9%0.101.0020
12005Unread Portugal comet661029824.8%0.040.0819
11997Unread YUGOSLAVIA, MNH Sets, 1978 to 1988 BrechiniteUK242429.2%0.204.9913
12042Unread Lebanon - small selection mostly used dell4c411031.8%0.100.1013
12011Unread EGYPT MINT & USED burrowsj717532.0%0.020.0525
11999Unread TEN CARIBBEAN ISLANDS comet661837633.0%0.080.0822
11995Unread SAMOA, MNH Sets, 1978 to 1992 BrechiniteUK242437.5%0.322.0016
12028Unread ASIA BURMA BANGLADESH INDIA MINT & USED burrowsj1114038.6%0.050.7519
12019Unread GREECE MINT & USED burrowsj1724044.2%0.050.6527
12015Unread SOUTH AMERICA & CENTRAL AMERICA COUNTRIES D-G MINT & USED burrowsj812946.5%0.050.2527
12018Unread IRELAND MINT & USED  burrowsj1719949.7%0.052.9925
11998Unread Sweden (1983 -1990) cardstamp815051.3%0.100.4014
12029Unread Germany Reich: Generalgouvernement (Poland) and other WW2 occupations siem119951.5%0.103.0030
12012Unread AFRICA D-G COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj1920252.0%0.050.9921
12003Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH COUNTRIES F-G MINT & USED burrowsj1616154.0%0.052.9928
12000Unread FRANCE FRENCH COLONIES & OFFICES TURKEY EGYPT MINT & USED burrowsj1218354.1%0.052.9931
12023Unread Spain 1961-6 MNH Sets & Complete Singles w/Index & Scott# Price ReducedSoundcrest197254.2%0.019.756
12021Unread INDONESIA MINT & USED burrowsj711156.8%0.050.1013
11996Unread FRANCE 1900-2015 MINT & USED burrowsj2032858.8%0.051.4523
12017Unread HONG KONG MINT & USED  burrowsj1417464.4%0.050.9926
12020Unread HAITI MINT & USED burrowsj812264.8%0.050.0819
12007Unread SAMOA, MNH, Mostly Minisheets 1978 to 1992 BrechiniteUK232365.2%0.252.1512
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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