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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
9735Unread Denmark used, 1920s + Price ReducedConnieB61490.0%0.080.0819
9727Unread CUBA - Book 2 -Large Selection of Used & CTO Stamps - Mostly Post-1960 Kemling1224830.8%0.150.1514
9708Unread CHILE - Large Selection of USED & MH Stamps Kemling182625.3%0.150.1516
9741Unread Mint never hinged US postage stamps ccndd164956.7%0.030.3015
9729Unread Canada - a few stamps 1930-2010 cougar515011.3%0.050.1030
9695Unread Middle East - Iran Iraq Israel + Mint & Used Stamps Stevo45923712.7%0.050.1030
9712Unread Belgium 1938324510014.0%0.100.1026
9733Unread British Caribbeans, A-C (no Bahamas, no Bermuda), grouped by country rrraphy1824416.0%0.082.5020
9726Unread CUBA - Book 1 - Large Selection of Used & CTO Stamps - Mostly Pre-1960 Kemling11751416.9%0.150.1512
9742Unread Various mint never hinged US postage stamp plate blocks ccndd2318518.4%0.101.2012
9748Unread Mozambique Company cardstamp812520.0%0.150.754
9722Unread EUROPE - Liechtenstein - Luxembourg - Vatican - Used & MH Condition Kemling1611920.2%0.200.2025
9724Unread Caribbean - Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, Bermuda, Cayman Is Mint & Used Stevo451440226.9%0.100.1025
9720Unread Liechtenstein mostly 1960-1995 used and mint hinged complete sets ingunam2114228.2%0.102.5016
9738Unread Italy, Mint Never Hinged & Used. BrechiniteUK910829.6%0.080.1015
9731Unread ASIA many counties. Lot of stamps from China with Scott numbers virgilp1419930.2%0.032.0032
9740Unread Mint never hinged US postage stamps ccndd2473632.1%0.030.3512
9723Unread Soviet Union 1961 used complete sets ingunam1112433.1%0.100.5018
9730Unread AFRICA-M countries, inc Topicals, better sets, S/S, Grouped by country rrraphy1820533.2%0.1015.0020
9744Unread Luxembourg Vol. 1 to 1975. Lots of Defin. Grouped in chron order rrraphy1428934.9%0.104.0012
9719Unread Korea 1987-1995 (#7) used (CTO) compl. sets, s/sheets & m/sheets ingunam122737.0%0.301.8015
9704Unread East Africa Kenya Kenya Uganda Through 1970 Mint and Used Soundcrest2215739.5%0.0511.0027
9715Unread Zimbabwe, Used, all era's BrechiniteUK1821640.7%0.060.0824
9716Unread Germany, Used, 2000-2017 And Private Mail Company's BrechiniteUK912040.8%0.120.2522
9739Unread Mozambique Book (thru 1975) cardstamp1118342.6%0.150.7522
9725Unread New Zealand, used, 1901-1985 hfbaker914344.8%0.040.1616
9711Unread Gold Replica US Covers Including First Day Covers #4 mikek5122445.8%0.500.5015
9717Unread Korea 1982-1985 (#5) used (CTO) compl. sets, s/sheets & m/sheets ingunam246750.7%0.401.5015
9705Unread French Offices That Are NOT China mint and used Soundcrest1811351.3%0.2018.0021
9737Unread Poland, Used & MH, Earlies. BrechiniteUK910851.9%0.050.0512
9718Unread Korea 1984-1987 (#6) used (CTO) compl. sets, s/sheets & m/sheets ingunam205853.4%0.150.8010
9721Unread Soviet Union 1958-1960 used complete sets and s/sheets ingunam2221058.1%0.103.0017
9710Unread Gold Replica US First Day Covers #3 mikek5122458.3%0.500.5012
9736Unread British Commonwealth, mostly Used, various countries BrechiniteUK99658.3%0.060.0616
9714Unread British Commonwealth, mostly Used, various countries BrechiniteUK910859.3%0.060.0619
9732Unread British Commonwealth - a few stamps cougar821462.6%0.040.4027
9713Unread Costa Rica (Back of the Book Issues Thru 1960) cardstamp712265.6%0.150.4016
9706Unread Laos Singles All 5 Cents Each Lots Of Topicals Soundcrest1021070.5%0.050.0519
9709Unread Gold Replica US First Day Covers #2 mikek5122487.5%0.500.5017
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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