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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
8035Unread United Nations First Day Covers - 1974 - 1979 mikek524480.0%0.250.255
7980Unread UK Used Conmemoratives aciguembre41160.0%0.050.0524
8034Unread United Nations First Day Covers - 1972 - 1974 mikek524480.0%0.250.257
8040Unread Germany - Late issues StampCollector101030.0%0.100.1015
8033Unread United Nations First Day Covers - 1970 - 1972 mikek524480.0%0.250.256
8039Unread AUSTRALIA #2-SINGLES, SETS AND LOTS kajones122180.5%0.1020.006
8042Unread Australia Fine or better Used ** free shipping ** djdennis101370.7%0.050.409
8041Unread PARAGUAY - Great Selection of USED & MH Stamps Kemling1143085.5%0.203.0010
7985Unread Moroccco, Algeria, Tunisia - Used, Most Periods lerivage71198.4%0.010.2541
8015Unread San Marino issues 1950-1970 ALL MNH meostamps1214411.1%0.050.0525
8026Unread Central and S America. Mainly used range with Scott numbers Barrowboy1511513.9%0.051.5019
7988Unread USAUsed single,pairs,strips and blocks. HIARGIUS97615.8%0.102.0031
8003Unread France, MNH & MH, Mid 20th Century. BrechiniteUK1618621.5%0.090.1017
8013Unread FAUNA - Birds (hinged or used) thaisballtrap2110022.0%0.056.5015
8023Unread ISRAEL - Book 1 - Great Selection of Used Stamps Kemling12479422.0%0.150.1511
8028Unread Cuba, Haiti, Republica Dominicana Mostly used, with Scott #'s david13617910822.2%0.050.7012
8030Unread CHILE - Great Selection of USED Stamps Kemling1826322.4%0.150.1514
7989Unread Israel - Used with a few MNH & MH lerivage915723.6%0.050.1818
8032Unread Great Britain, Used Commemmoratives, 1988 to 2003 BrechiniteUK2024024.2%0.050.0515
8011Unread Colombia, Mostly Used, many BOB, with Scott # david13617612724.4%0.050.7018
7998Unread Australia Mint & Used Book #1 djdennis1611024.5%0.151.4023
8020Unread FRANCE - Used + hinged + MNH thaisballtrap716825.6%0.050.2512
8037Unread JERSEY used and mint includes a few mint sets SandraUK1225125.9%0.101.0014
8019Unread GERMANY-MNH-Single,Sets,Souvenir Sheets,FDC. HIARGIUS2417926.3%0.182.5531
8002Unread FAUNA - Birds (hinged or used) thaisballtrap1210626.4%0.054.2018
7968Unread USA Precancels  aciguembre723027.4%0.050.1523
8012Unread Fishes and shells of the world (used and hinged) thaisballtrap1511428.1%0.052.8015
8022Unread Greece 1940-1970 issues most MNH some Mlh/mh meostamps910828.7%0.070.0712
8016Unread United Nations First Day Covers - 1983 and 1984 mikek5244831.3%0.250.259
7979Unread SPAIN used  aciguembre512433.1%0.050.0815
8017Unread United Nations First Day Covers - 1985 thru 1987 mikek5244833.3%0.250.258
8043Unread VATICAN - Great Selection of USED & MH Stamps Kemling1511933.6%0.150.155
7997Unread Malaya, Straits Settlements, Singapore, Malaysia siem615934.0%0.100.3023
8021Unread FAUNA FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD - used / hinged / MNH thaisballtrap918035.0%0.050.6011
8029Unread Australia Mint Never Hinged & Lightly Hinged Book #2 djdennis2112836.7%0.101.3525
8004Unread Classic Italy 1863-1945 siem1719942.7%0.156.0041
7993Unread French India Ivory Coast Wallis & Futuna Inini Mint/Used All Older Soundcrest1518543.2%0.052.0019
7994Unread France (1940 - 1949 Stamps Only !) cardstamp1323643.6%0.150.7022
8027Unread Greece 1900-1960's used issues meostamps1214443.8%0.050.0515
8014Unread China (1940 - 1949 Stamps Only !) cardstamp1730044.3%0.150.7519
8038Unread Greece used issues from appox. 1970 to present meostamps2428846.9%0.070.0714
8001Unread GREAT BRITAIN - MINT NEVER HINGED SETS & SINGLES Grampaone87711047.3%0.102.5018
8025Unread VENEZUELA - Great Selection of Used Stamps Kemling11539748.1%0.155.0015
8018Unread United Nations First Day Covers - 1987 thru 1991 mikek5244850.0%0.250.259
7991Unread OUT OF AFRICA - BOOK THREE - Stamps from across the African Continent SandraUK1427153.9%0.102.0033
7984Unread GERMANY-Used ,MNH,single,sets , Souvenir Sheets,Covers,Post Cards. HIARGIUS2411158.6%0.1010.7814
7940Unread Australia 2010 - 2016 Mint & Used Stamps Stevo452464860.5%0.054.9522
7986Unread ESPA√ĎA. Used Stamps  Velogeid1024569.8%0.040.1050
7996Unread Classic Portugal with some high values siem511669.8%0.103.5025
8005Unread Finland - to about 1950 - regular issues only  dell4c1121970.3%0.102.0017
8010Unread Finland - b.o.b includes some sets  dell4c1510270.6%0.102.0022
7999Unread China 2, Republic of China 1950+, Used and Unused, a few PRC by Scott# david13617910572.4%0.064.0020
7992Unread Oman Non Scott Topicals All USed All 5 Cents Each Soundcrest1121574.9%0.050.0511
7987Unread India 1953-2009 all used, all .10 dell4c2350976.8%0.100.1018
7990Unread Olympics & Soccer Mostly Sets Pre 1990 Mint/MNH Book 1 Price ReducedSoundcrest249687.5%0.058.5016
8000Unread Philippines, mint mostly 1950-60 era (previously hinged) igor610991.7%0.050.1119
7995Unread Philippines, mint stamps mostly from 1950-60-s era igor611199.1%0.050.0514
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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