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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13318Unread Sweden 1970-80s Mint w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest18980.0%0.053.5024
13386Unread Russia, mostly Mint Hinged Sets, 1976 to 1989 BrechiniteUK24240.0%0.411.609
13374Unread ROMANIA - POSTA ROMANA - Large Selection of Used & CTO Stamps Kemling1205172.1%0.090.1514
13383Unread GREAT BRITAIN - MNH SETS & SINGLES PLUS SELECTED USED Grampaone87152246.3%0.043.5914
13384Unread VENEZUELA - Large Selection of USED Stamps Kemling1132737.3%0.151.0017
13333Unread USA - Airmail & Atypical Denominations - Some On Paper Self Adhesives StampDevotee131988.1%0.151.3534
13371Unread Africa E-M Clearance comet662451310.9%0.100.1030
13382Unread USA - Mostly recent used. Also Postal Stationary mitoneu1625514.9%0.030.5018
13358Unread RUSSIA - USSR - Book #2 - Large Selection of Used & CTO Stamps Kemling12454815.9%0.150.1517
13347Unread RUSSIA - USSR - Book #1 - Large Selection of Used & CTO Stamps Kemling12457416.6%0.100.2023
13338Unread Israel SC range #100-1144 + BOB stampfair224616.7%0.080.0828
13373Unread FIJI - Part 2 - Mainly Used - Majority 70s & 80s StampDevotee1713317.3%0.101.3522
13381Unread Fr/Port/Republic de Guinee/Guinea-Bissau U/CTO/MH Ind/Sets w/Scott#'s Price Reduceddavid136172025018.8%0.063.0018
13353Unread Japan 1980-88 used dell4c2428019.6%0.100.1012
13356Unread Japan 1988- used dell4c1724020.4%0.100.1012
13376Unread Mozambique (thru 1975) cardstamp1425821.7%0.150.7018
13329Unread GREECE V2. 1971-1980 All with Cat #s. Mostly Used, some M/MNH  rrraphy813723.4%0.120.5021
13351Unread Romanian commemoratives, mostly CTO LVS9541325123.5%0.040.3552
13357Unread GREECE to 1945 + Back of the Book. All with Cat #s rrraphy1419123.6%0.107.0023
13378Unread Russia, MH & CTO, 1987 - 1991 BrechiniteUK1011124.3%0.080.0811
13339Unread Malaya, Malaysia and states all sorted by same stampfair215724.8%0.090.0939
13354Unread Rwanda comet661428826.0%0.100.1017
13352Unread Japan 1970-1980 used dell4c2430227.2%0.100.1012
13335Unread LIBERIA, singles and SETS, MNH/(cto). Sets ALL have cat #s rrraphy2015327.5%0.061.5018
13327Unread Stamps from Russia mikek51117830.3%0.050.0527
13355Unread Iran, Iraq, Jordan. Used. sheepshanks1013130.5%0.080.3020
13366Unread Africa N-Z Clearance comet661633830.8%0.100.1018
13367Unread Africa A-D Clearance comet662251931.6%0.100.1030
13331Unread ROMANIA Sets, souvenir sheets, and singles (Book 1) Misterstamper212133.3%0.100.9017
13377Unread Russia, mostly CTO, 1971 - 1976 BrechiniteUK1315035.3%0.080.0811
13375Unread Argentina early 1900s to 1960s incl. many officials and other BOB siem1130935.9%0.060.2515
13343Unread Russia comet661639536.2%0.100.1019
13360Unread Stamps from Israel - Many with Tabs mikek51519636.2%0.050.2511
13365Unread Italy and Spain - used and mint - a few stamps cougar914036.4%0.050.6012
13328Unread Stamps from Czechoslovakia mikek5612236.9%0.050.0513
13361Unread South Africa (RSA) comet661546237.7%0.100.1022
13320Unread Czechoslovakia 1945-63 Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1011538.3%0.051.0012
13319Unread Thailand Used 2000-2008 Used w/Scott # & Index Soundcrest129739.2%0.052.7511
13359Unread East Germany, used  Opa2243339.3%0.100.1215
13317Unread Ivory Coast To 1971 Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1911739.3%0.057.7515
13325Unread Stamps from Bulgaria mikek5713139.7%0.050.0517
13346Unread Japan 1960-1970 used dell4c2426239.7%0.100.1015
13336Unread Central and South America - mostly used cougar718644.6%0.050.1019
13372Unread Portuguese Africa (Guinea, Congo - thru 1953) cardstamp810545.7%0.150.7519
13340Unread Stamps from Canada mikek5714748.3%0.050.0526
13369Unread Bulgaria to 2018 - used and mint cougar1610748.6%0.059.5016
13370Unread Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika/Tanzania comet661228849.7%0.100.1024
13337Unread Scandinavia - used cougar925250.4%0.030.2420
13326Unread Stamps from Congo mikek5711350.4%0.050.0519
13364Unread FIJI - 1878 to 1979 - Used, Mint & MNH StampDevotee2424950.6%0.109.9520
13344Unread Japan Used to 1960 dell4c2430157.5%0.100.7514
13342Unread Stamps from the United States - New Pages Added mikek51327060.0%0.050.0542
13362Unread Macao (thru 1983) cardstamp710661.3%0.150.9522
13334Unread Cape Verde (thru 1972) cardstamp611361.9%0.150.4018
13345Unread TUVALU Part II & GILBERT/ELLIS - Used & MNH - Many Topicals StampDevotee2010262.7%0.101.2022
13330Unread POLAND Sets, sourvenir sheets, & singles, mostly MNH Misterstamper212166.7%0.100.7517
13368Unread Netherlands - used and mint - a few stamps cougar720171.1%0.040.0816
13324Unread USA - used cougar511185.6%0.040.2039
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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