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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
12838Unread AUSTRALIA MNH Sets, Singles, S/S, Booklets 1918 to 1998 Book 6 Cactusjack23570.0%0.2043.9510
12922Unread POLAND - POLSKA - Book 3 - Large Variety of FDCs Kemling124480.0%1.001.0014
12884Unread UNITED STATES - USED Grampaone87111380.7%0.082.1932
12882Unread Canada Used MDavis111360.7%0.050.9540
12883Unread Flowers, worldwide, MNH, Used, CTOs ... Germet112892.1%0.100.1021
12900Unread Canada Used & Mint MDavis9994.0%0.134.8524
12925Unread POLAND - POLSKA - Book 5 - Large Variety of FDCs Kemling124484.2%1.001.0010
12943Unread GRENADA - GRENADINES - Large Selection of Used/CTO & MH Singles & S/S Kemling1182725.1%0.151.5011
12924Unread Turkey & Other Middle East Country parjac241986.6%0.030.2515
12929Unread The Netherlands, MNH, 1973- 74, MH 1988-95 and Used Pot Purri BrechiniteUK181007.0%0.082.6718
12911Unread Denmark Part Two ,Used Stamps,Years 1980-1997 pelleholm101008.0%0.050.0512
12918Unread Finland Part Six. Mint Never Hinged Stamps.1930-1976. pelleholm101008.0%0.200.4020
12923Unread POLAND - POLSKA - Book 4 - Large Variety of FDCs Kemling124488.3%1.001.0011
12914Unread Finland Part Three ,Used Stamps,Years 1972-1984. pelleholm101009.0%0.050.0518
12936Unread Austria - used - old and a few recent cougar723011.3%0.040.1019
12931Unread Belgium, MNH, 1979 to 1981, Sets an singles BrechiniteUK246011.7%0.101.389
12932Unread Belgium, MNH, 1971 to 1982, Sets an singles BrechiniteUK234211.9%0.104.8014
12831Unread AUSTRALIA (Book 4) Singles, sets, and mixtures, used. Price ReducedMisterstamper242412.5%0.253.0021
12909Unread Vatican City (1965 - 1979) cardstamp1324312.8%0.150.4018
12910Unread Denmark Part One ,Used Stamps,Years 1964-1979. pelleholm1010015.0%0.050.0514
12880Unread Vatican City (1948 - 1964) cardstamp1221017.6%0.150.4018
12898Unread French Morocco - selection with some BOB siem514319.6%0.100.5017
12871Unread Stamps from Germany mikek5816820.2%0.050.0533
12885Unread Sweden Part One ,Used Stamps,Years 1932-1965 pelleholm1010022.0%0.050.0515
12863Unread Liechtenstein Mint/Used/MNH 1940-80's With index/Scott# Soundcrest107522.7%0.050.8527
12917Unread Finland Part Five ,MNH And Mint Hinged Stamps,Years 1930-1973. pelleholm1010024.0%0.100.4014
12904Unread POLAND - POLSKA - Book 2 - Large Variety of FDCs Kemling1244825.0%1.001.0013
12887Unread Sweden Part Three ,Used Stamps,Years 1967-1976 pelleholm1010026.0%0.050.1012
12926Unread Africa-Upper Volta-Burkina Faso,Sudan,Uganda Reg/BoB/sets, U/MH/MNH  david136171315026.7%0.062.0017
12876Unread Central America oldies - Guatemala to Panama and everything in between siem414027.1%0.100.1025
12905Unread Fauna and Flora - used, CTO and mint cougar1222827.6%0.053.5013
12892Unread INDONESIA - Large Selection of Used & MH Stamps Kemling11450427.8%0.100.1521
12942Unread PORTUGAL & COLONIES MINT & USED 1900-1960 burrowsj1536129.1%0.030.0524
12877Unread SOUTH WEST AFRICA - SWA - Large Variety of FDCs Kemling1244829.2%1.001.0023
12944Unread Ships, Sailing ships, steam boats, ferries, merchant ... on stamps Germet1114529.7%0.100.3015
12899Unread Morocco - kingdom (after independence) incl. very recent siem410031.0%0.050.2023
12915Unread Finland Part Four ,Used And Mint Hinged Stamps Years 1938-1989. pelleholm1010032.0%0.050.7517
12941Unread Iran, Used, 1981 to 1997 BrechiniteUK1419334.2%0.080.1014
12897Unread ECUADOR - 1890s to 1990s - Used StampDevotee2246534.4%0.100.5015
12928Unread The Netherlands, MNH, Sets and singles BrechiniteUK242934.5%0.102.9922
12875Unread Nigeria and Ghana - small selection siem410335.0%0.050.1019
12937Unread Norway ++ - used stamps , mostly recent cougar925435.0%0.040.2017
12912Unread Finland Part One ,Used Stamps,Years 1930-1959. pelleholm1010036.0%0.050.0516
12834Unread TOPIC: SPORTS (Book 1) Misterstamper242437.5%0.101.1510
12888Unread Sweden Part Four ,Used Stamps,Years 1973-1977 pelleholm1010039.0%0.050.0510
12886Unread Sweden Part Two ,Used Stamps,Years 1951-1967 pelleholm1010040.0%0.050.1012
12890Unread Sweden Part Six ,Used Stamps,Years 1983-1989. pelleholm1010041.0%0.050.059
12878Unread 1949 U.P.U. Worldwide issues - singles and sets - mint & used dell4c2012941.1%0.108.0023
12889Unread Sweden Part Five ,Used Stamps,Years 1977-1983. pelleholm1010042.0%0.050.059
12881Unread FRANCE & FRENCH COLONIES MINT & USED 1935-1960 burrowsj2247644.7%0.030.0547
12879Unread Western Europe - a few countries - used cougar1535646.9%0.031.0026
12860Unread Greenland Mint/Used #1 - #190 With Scott # and Index Soundcrest1910349.5%0.055.5026
12933Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH B COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj1018650.0%0.050.0820
12901Unread POLAND - POLSKA - Book 1 - Large Variety of FDCs Kemling1244850.0%1.001.0014
12921Unread BRITISH AFRICA MINT & USED KENYA UGANDA SOUTH & WEST AFRICA burrowsj713854.3%0.050.0528
12902Unread Great Britain used recent grorod714854.7%0.200.4027
12862Unread Malta 1949-54 Mint/Used With Scott# & Index Soundcrest2312156.2%0.0511.0019
12850Unread Indonesia book 2 1983 - dell4c1327558.2%0.104.0017
12908Unread MALAYA & STRAIT SETTLEMENTS MINT & USED burrowsj820958.9%0.050.0522
12891Unread Sweden Part Seven ,Used Stamps,Years 1989-2000. pelleholm1010059.0%0.050.1014
12935Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH T COUNTRIES  burrowsj713159.5%0.050.0520
12894Unread JAMAICA MINT & USED burrowsj714361.5%0.050.0521
12913Unread Finland Part Two ,Used Stamps,Years 1954-1973. pelleholm1010063.0%0.050.0516
12865Unread Guinea Bissau Topicals Topicals Topicals! 1976-1992 Soundcrest1120264.4%0.050.0516
12927Unread Asia - Mostly Japan cougar721265.6%0.050.1015
12893Unread CANADA NEWFOUNDLAND USED @ .05 CENTS EACH burrowsj510967.9%0.050.0530
12919Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH M-P COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj712868.0%0.050.0519
12930Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH F G H COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj1019968.3%0.050.0822
12916Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH C-D COUNTRIES burrowsj712870.3%0.050.0520
12907Unread BRITSH COMMONWEALTH L-N COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj711570.4%0.050.1521
12903Unread British Africa used  grorod510473.1%0.100.2032
12896Unread CEYLON MINT & USED burrowsj511874.6%0.050.0521
12874Unread RUSSIA MINT & USED 1890-1960 burrowsj2242474.8%0.030.1025
12920Unread BRITSH COMMONWEALTH S COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj510875.0%0.050.0521
12906Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH A & B COUNTRIES burrowsj611080.0%0.050.0821
12872Unread Vatican City (thru 1947) cardstamp711380.5%0.150.7026
12873Unread Belgium, MNH, 1975 to 1978 BrechiniteUK1410581.0%0.101.4911
12934Unread BRITISH AFRICA RHODESIA NYASSALAND MINT & USED burrowsj714085.0%0.050.0520
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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