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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
9375Unread USA-Used stamps, single,sets.blocks, HIARGIUS242224.5%0.030.3049
9374Unread JAMAICA - Interesting Variety of USED Stamps Kemling161687.7%0.250.2525
9398Unread FINLAND SUPERCHARGER allyouneedgalaxy132919.6%0.051.2025
9393Unread USA-Unused not hinged, light hinged. HIARGIUS2016711.4%0.0512.0030
9380Unread ICELAND - Great Selection of MINT & USED Stamps Kemling11648212.7%0.150.2515
9412Unread EASTERN EUROPE-Used single stamps. HIARGIUS1219614.8%0.020.1510
9396Unread COLOMBIA Regular issue1960-1970 All with Cat #/Yrs, + the Miniatures! rrraphy816618.1%0.081.0015
9390Unread GRENADA - Wide Selection of MNH Stamps Kemling1511618.1%0.100.1016
9387Unread Chile Mint/Used Through 1970's Soundcrest2240118.2%0.053.7516
9399Unread NORWAY SUPERCHARGER allyouneedgalaxy1838818.3%0.050.6026
9414Unread JAPAN 2013-2016 SUPERNOVA Price Reducedallyouneedgalaxy613620.6%0.120.3010
9389Unread Sweden 1978-86 Mint Sets and Complete Singles  Soundcrest2413120.6%0.103.5015
9378Unread UNITED STATES - USED Grampaone871027921.5%0.050.1012
9397Unread PARAGUAY - Large Variety of MH & USED Stamps Kemling11226222.9%0.152.0016
9384Unread Early Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, etc...many with Cat #s rrraphy1421423.8%0.102.5023
9415Unread Sweden & Denmark eugen01316425.0%0.070.0712
9386Unread MIDDLE EAST MEDLEY allyouneedgalaxy2235128.8%0.032.0027
9395Unread U. S. PRECANCELLED STAMPS NEDSSTUFF514730.6%0.060.0826
9400Unread CANADA-Used,single stamps. HIARGIUS1221031.4%0.030.5016
9371Unread GERMANY MINT & USED NEW PRICES burrowsj1625331.6%0.030.2521
9407Unread ASIA-Use single stamps. Mixture(China,India,Hong Kong,Philipines,Korea HIARGIUS920532.7%0.020.1519
9379Unread PAKISTAN MINT & USED NEW PRICES burrowsj1826934.6%0.050.5014
9413Unread Japan Stamps Commemorative & Definitives  NEDSSTUFF611838.1%0.080.1517
9405Unread Austria, MNH, MH & Used, mostly 1970's BrechiniteUK1010444.2%0.080.1011
9404Unread Finland, Mint Hinged & Used, 1940's onwards BrechiniteUK910844.4%0.080.0911
9391Unread SMALL EUROPE MEDLEY allyouneedgalaxy2439145.5%0.030.9023
9382Unread MEMEL/SAAR - Year 1920/1956 - Stamps Post+Airmail thaisballtrap1210846.3%0.081.2035
9383Unread BRITISH COLONIES A-B, by countries. Many with cat numbers rrraphy2230048.7%0.105.0017
9370Unread TCHAD -1922/1988 - Stamps Yvert N°1 and 508 - Post+Airmail thaisballtrap2319249.0%0.051.4317
9377Unread Chile 1938324410052.0%0.100.1017
9408Unread CANADA - USED Grampaone871023855.5%0.050.2815
9406Unread CAMBODIA Volume 2-2017 Lots of Topicals CTOs 87-94. Plus 70s MNH  Price Reducedrrraphy1923056.1%0.101.5010
9372Unread COLOMBIA Back of the Book 1961-1970 All with Cat #s, Yrs rrraphy916858.9%0.120.1210
9403Unread Honduras - Regular Issues (Pre 1940) cardstamp1217164.9%0.151.4012
9392Unread OCEANIA & PACIFIC EXTRAVAGANZA  allyouneedgalaxy1929166.7%0.001.5022
9409Unread CARRIBEAN DELIGHT allyouneedgalaxy2438967.4%0.001.2824
9385Unread ISRAEL SUPERCHARGER allyouneedgalaxy1829081.4%0.030.4222
9388Unread Portuguese Colonies A (Angola) to Z (Zambezia) Soundcrest2020782.1%0.056.0016
9381Unread INDE FRANCAISE+MEMEL -1892/1948 Stamps Yvert N°1 and 244 - Post+Airm. thaisballtrap1810491.3%0.084.6017
9394Unread SAAR/DANZIG- 1920/1922 - Stamps Yvert N°1 - Post+Airmail thaisballtrap711295.5%0.080.3525
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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