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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
16298Unread MIDDLE EAST FUJEIRA MINT & USED burrowsj111540.0%0.050.057
16206Unread Dominican Republic 1980-90s Including Airmails MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest22610.0%0.055.0014
16209Unread OLD POSTCARDS - UNITED STATES + CANADA - NEW !!! GOOD CONDITIONS - 2 thaisballtrap24820.0%0.500.5021
16200Unread CANADA - MINT NEVER HINGED Grampaone8761160.0%0.050.3735
16294Unread BULGARIA comet66204200.7%0.100.1012
16283Unread PEOPLE ON STAMPS 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm51001.0%0.030.0513
16199Unread US MINT NEVER HINGED SINGLES #704 UP TO #1209 JimMcGrathStamps102532.0%0.060.0853
16020Unread Surcharged and Overprinted from all over the world MNH Hinged used - 3 thaisballtrap81013.0%0.081.1316
16266Unread SWEDEN 2 ON SALE !!  pelleholm51003.0%0.030.0511
16265Unread SWEDEN 1 ON SALE !!  pelleholm61113.6%0.030.0824
16270Unread SWEDEN 6 ON SALE !!  pelleholm71004.0%0.030.1011
16282Unread BUILDINGS 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm41004.0%0.030.0518
16271Unread SWEDEN 7 ON SALE !!  pelleholm71015.0%0.030.1017
16267Unread SWEDEN 3 ON SALE !!  pelleholm91095.5%0.030.1212
16286Unread Cuba4 1981-1983 Singles Used w/Scott #'s from 2c david1361791015.9%0.092.9918
16261Unread GREAT BRITAIN 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm51008.0%0.030.0525
16257Unread GERMANY 2 ON SALE !! pelleholm41008.0%0.030.0318
16248Unread Europe mint and used sorted by country stampfair42078.7%0.080.0833
16208Unread French Colonies A Countries mint/used/mnh Algeria Andorra and others Soundcrest161059.5%0.055.2518
16264Unread NETHERLANDS - Modern - Mainly Semi Postals StampDevotee173399.7%0.100.2020
16246Unread Japan Book #3- Prefecture Issues stokesville512610.3%0.100.1528
16223Unread INDIA AND STATES, mainly used with Scott catalogue numbers. Barrowboy1528610.5%0.050.8027
16249Unread EUROPE - vol 11 - used - some RECENT, some older.  boxwood910110.9%0.091.0025
16268Unread SWEDEN 4 ON SALE !!  pelleholm610611.3%0.030.1012
16238Unread Japan Book #2 stokesville1528112.1%0.100.7522
16262Unread GREAT BRITAIN 2 ON SALE !! pelleholm1217212.8%0.050.2025
16236Unread MONGOLIA MINT & USED burrowsj1622413.4%0.050.0529
16224Unread Germany 1990's onward book 2 All .10 dell4c1727514.9%0.100.1018
16207Unread Older Croatia Mint/Used/MNH w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest159215.2%0.059.0018
16245Unread Romanian CTO sets LVS954135616.1%0.350.6016
16219Unread PAKISTAN, mainly common used stamps with Scott numbers. Barrowboy1116116.1%0.054.0019
16198Unread Spain book 1 All .10 dell4c1939716.9%0.100.1020
16296Unread Western Europe - mostly Norway - used cougar721717.5%0.050.2014
16226Unread Japan Book #1 stokesville1533617.6%0.050.1523
16235Unread MALAYA MALAYSIA MINT & USED burrowsj1020317.7%0.050.0527
16220Unread Spain book 2 All .10 dell4c1021118.5%0.100.1014
16244Unread Cuba3 1979-80 Sets/singles Used incl Air Mail w/Scott #'s  david136171116719.2%0.050.4523
16197Unread Norway ~ Modern Used, Including Top Values JohnnyStamp2162420.2%0.080.3030
16195Unread Cuba1 1976-77 Sets/SS/singles U/MNG incl Air Mail w/Scott #'s  david136171317620.5%0.050.4521
16281Unread BIRDS 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm710024.0%0.030.1014
16202Unread Romanian CTO  LVS9541423026.1%0.050.0731
16222Unread Germany 1990's onward book 1 All .10 dell4c1425426.8%0.100.1017
16256Unread GERMANY 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm410027.0%0.030.0316
16259Unread GERMANY 4 ON SALE !! pelleholm510028.0%0.030.0512
16289Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH GRENADA MINT & USED burrowsj1017328.3%0.050.0521
16204Unread Cuba2 1978 Sets/singles Used incl Air Mail w/Scott #'s  david13617611528.7%0.050.1919
16217Unread British Commonwealth, Mixed, Various countries BrechiniteUK2024929.7%0.080.0822
16231Unread BHUTAN MINT & USED burrowsj812034.2%0.050.0521
16254Unread PAKISTAN MINT & USED burrowsj711434.2%0.050.0518
16251Unread Albania (1925 - 1967) cardstamp1630941.1%0.100.7012
16260Unread GERMANY 5 ON SALE !! pelleholm813341.4%0.050.1017
16292Unread Bavaria, Belarus, Benin and Bhutan - enough to make a book all .10 dell4c1019943.2%0.100.1017
16269Unread SWEDEN 5 ON SALE !!  pelleholm710843.5%0.030.1013
16186Unread South Korea & some Kuwait to fill the book almost all used - all .10  dell4c1430144.2%0.100.1027
16252Unread Br Comm. Belize through Bermuda Is. All .10  dell4c716744.9%0.100.1015
16227Unread JAPAN MINT & USED burrowsj1020145.3%0.050.0519
16241Unread French Colonies. Book 4: M to W. 1920's to 1940's. All 17% Scott. dresden187045.7%0.6011.0025
16228Unread JAPAN MINT & USED burrowsj1524347.7%0.050.1022
16243Unread Ethopia -all .10 dell4c917948.6%0.100.1020
16239Unread Dominican Republic & Dominica all .10 dell4c1015848.7%0.100.1017
16233Unread Cameroun ans Central Africa - all .10 dell4c610649.1%0.100.1020
16285Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH C COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj1324049.2%0.050.1523
16255Unread PHILIPPINES MINT & USED burrowsj1729049.7%0.050.0523
16216Unread Topicals:- Christmas, Mixed, Mostly British Commonwealth BrechiniteUK910850.0%0.080.0814
16295Unread Western Europe - France, Azores, Madeira, Channel Islands cougar610450.0%0.050.4013
16212Unread British Honduras, Mixed BrechiniteUK1113250.8%0.080.0820
16277Unread Br Comm. Bermuda,Burma and Cayman Is. All .10  dell4c915751.6%0.100.1019
16185Unread Kenya.. .- almost all used - all .10  dell4c1021851.8%0.100.1021
16284Unread ANIMALS 1 ON SALE !! pelleholm610054.0%0.030.0514
16293Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH S-T COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj1425954.4%0.050.0523
16189Unread M countries: Manchuria - Micronesia comet661121454.7%0.100.2533
16253Unread INDONESIA MINT & USED burrowsj1121954.8%0.050.0518
16242Unread Commonwealth Caribbean  comet661837557.6%0.100.1020
16229Unread CHINA ALL ERAS MINT & USED burrowsj1744558.0%0.050.0522
16237Unread Zambia & Zimbabwe comet661530360.4%0.100.1023
16247Unread THAILAND SIAM MINT & USED burrowsj919062.6%0.050.0519
16240Unread INDIA AND STATES MINT & USED burrowsj816462.8%0.050.0524
16234Unread ASIA BANGLADESH AFGHANISTAN LAOS MINT & USED burrowsj814963.1%0.050.0522
16291Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH J-M COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj1221363.4%0.050.1019
16290Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH G-H COUNTRIES burrowsj1318864.4%0.050.0522
16215Unread Fiji, Mixed, Book 2 BrechiniteUK1011965.5%0.080.0818
16273Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH A COUNTRIES burrowsj1115465.6%0.050.1527
16250Unread BANGLADESH comet66612668.3%0.100.1018
16274Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH B COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj1533270.5%0.050.0527
16288Unread Sri Lanka: 1972 Onward. 19383241422474.1%0.120.1213
16213Unread Malaysia Mixed BrechiniteUK1012075.0%0.080.0813
16221Unread French Colonies. Book 3: M to W. 1920's to 1940's. All 85% off Scott dresden1018575.1%0.100.5032
16211Unread The Gambia, Mixed BrechiniteUK1012075.8%0.080.0819
16279Unread DOMINICAN REPUBLIC MINT & USED burrowsj510978.0%0.050.0518
16258Unread GERMANY 3 ON SALE !! pelleholm412878.9%0.030.0317
16196Unread Rep.of Niger - All .10 dell4c713879.0%0.100.1021
16275Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH B COUNTRIES MINT & USED burrowsj1418279.1%0.050.5029
16214Unread Fiji, Mixed, Book 1 BrechiniteUK910781.3%0.080.0822
16230Unread CHINA MINT & USED burrowsj1423683.1%0.050.0521
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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