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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
8423Unread UNITED NATIONS - 1 - HINGED + MNH - Single and complete sets  thaisballtrap24690.0%0.1812.5010
8427Unread CANADA - USED Grampaone8761700.0%0.100.2020
8399Unread USA-Used,unused single stamps. HIARGIUS242161.4%0.043.7536
8436Unread DENMARK - DANMARK - Large Selection of Used Stamps Kemling1124312.3%0.150.159
8430Unread JAPAN - Used - Book Two SandraUK245642.5%0.100.2013
8435Unread JAPAN-Used,Single stamps. HIARGIUS122672.6%0.040.077
8400Unread used US eugen0141633.1%0.050.0517
8409Unread USA-Used,unused,single,sets,covers,postcards. HIARGIUS242177.8%0.059.7528
8339Unread Pacific and Oceana - Aitutaki, Australia (Oldies to 1970s) Price Reducedstampfair71258.0%0.050.0937
8401Unread MOROCCO - 1 - used - hinged - MNH thaisballtrap242308.7%0.072.3013
8346Unread Anguilla, Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda stampfair710310.7%0.080.1231
8417Unread TURKEY - Wide Variety of Used Samps Kemling1413010.8%0.150.1511
8397Unread French Morocco redmc3913710.9%0.120.6023
8412Unread JAPAN - USED Grampaone871339012.6%0.080.1016
8429Unread USA-Used,Single stamp[s. HIARGIUS1321314.1%0.040.4011
8413Unread ALGERIA - 2 - Between 1924 and 1960 - Post Airmail Taxes Colis Postaux thaisballtrap2413514.8%0.079.8020
8411Unread FAROE ISLANDS MNH Sets, Singles & S/Ss- Yrs 1975 -2001 Book 3 Cactusjack245815.5%0.1614.406
8394Unread France Definitives, from early to modern, w/ Scott# david13617918615.6%0.062.0021
8424Unread Haiti Book 2 (1946 - 1970) cardstamp1019816.7%0.150.2516
8389Unread USA-Unused,used,single,sets, HIARGIUS2431317.3%0.035.0036
8367Unread FRANCE - 9 - used - Between years 1981 and 2008 thaisballtrap2427919.7%0.053.2025
8425Unread Norway used issues 1940-2000 most priced at 5c  meostamps2428221.6%0.050.1519
8392Unread JAPAN-Used,unused single stamps. HIARGIUS810722.4%0.043.2517
8386Unread France - Used - All-difference, with Scott #'s; 1971-1988 Larryd2223125.5%0.050.2511
8008Unread BARBADOS MNH Sets, Singles & S/Ss - Yrs 1892 -1997 Book 1 Cactusjack223525.7%0.1029.7529
8410Unread FAROE ISLANDS MNH Sets, Singles & S/Ss- Yrs 1941 -2001 Book 2 Cactusjack245726.3%0.1218.7515
8385Unread Malta (thru 1973) cardstamp1317127.5%0.151.4032
8416Unread Denmark - Mint Never Hinged Dakota1820127.9%0.051.5029
8433Unread SINGAPORE mitoneu1916629.5%0.105.0020
8388Unread Greenland - Used (Scott Numbers Listed) Dakota2413230.3%0.055.5027
8382Unread ALGERIA - 1 - Between 1924 and 1960 - Post Airmail Taxes Colis Postaux thaisballtrap2424832.3%0.081.7524
8418Unread Latin America mint stamps from 1952-62, singles and sets, MH igor1927233.5%0.051.6019
8428Unread Finland, Early to Modern, mostly used, most with CV>$.50, w/ Scott # david136171119134.6%0.091.7517
8419Unread Grenada Grenadines runner510637.7%0.100.1016
8405Unread Norway modern from appox 2000 to present used meostamps1012040.0%0.080.1319
8403Unread DDR / East Germany, Used/CTO, 1968-70 BrechiniteUK910841.7%0.060.0611
8391Unread Nauru 1979-85 includes singles, sets and s sheets dell4c153842.1%0.103.0022
8395Unread Spain MNH/Mint Sets through 1980's Soundcrest228343.4%0.056.2513
8407Unread SOUTH AFRICA mitoneu714047.1%0.050.3019
8404Unread DDR / East Germany, Used/CTO, 1970-77 BrechiniteUK910849.1%0.060.0611
8434Unread Middle East, 1950-60 era, all are mint and most are hinged. igor1420250.5%0.050.9017
8406Unread British Comm - not enough of one country to make a book  dell4c1922852.6%0.103.0030
8396Unread Russia Used 1948-1960's sets/singles Soundcrest1711453.5%0.057.0016
8426Unread Israel, 1950-60 era, MH &MNH, mostly singles igor912262.3%0.050.6014
8393Unread Portuguese Colonies Angola/Angra/Cape Verde/Others mint/used Soundcrest2420762.3%0.054.7516
8387Unread Estonia and Lithuania - Used (Scott Numbers Listed) Dakota1110765.4%0.050.2022
8408Unread Russia - from modern to early issues dell4c1822066.8%0.050.3023
8438Unread France, mostly 1950-60 era, mints mostly mh. Singles & Sets. igor2024175.1%0.051.606
8384Unread Nauru to 1974 - sets and s sheets included dell4c154893.8%0.103.5030
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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