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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
14798Unread Greece First Cover  parjac9330.0%0.151.0020
14796Unread  South & Ctrl America --- Caribbean included  parjac20922.2%0.010.2026
14816Unread GREAT BRITAIN - USED Grampaone8761503.3%0.030.0417
14818Unread AUSTRALIA - USED Grampaone8772174.1%0.030.0516
14803Unread USA MNH Complete Booklets - Series 1 of 2 - Prices Reduced on 6/15 Price ReducedStampDevotee24464.3%0.603.0032
14815Unread Germany DDR Book #1 MLH/MH/Used Sets-Singles + BOB stokesville162135.2%0.051.7021
14810Unread United States Event Covers #4 mikek515296.9%0.250.2521
14811Unread USA MNH Complete Booklets - Series 2 of 2 - Prices Reduced on 6/15 Price ReducedStampDevotee21378.1%2.704.9024
14799Unread Czechoslovakia (Bohemia & Moravia) cardstamp91459.0%0.100.7019
14817Unread Germany DDR Book #2- MLH/MH/Used- Sets- Singles + BOB stokesville1513110.7%0.052.4014
14779Unread United States Event Covers #2 mikek5244812.5%0.250.2522
14809Unread United States Event Covers #3 mikek5153013.3%0.250.2516
14788Unread Vietnam, all periods, including some Vietcong stamps siem1333714.2%0.060.9030
14806Unread Switzerland: 1946 Onward. 1938324510015.0%0.100.1020
14797Unread Great Britain Mounted Mint decimal and pre decimal Gudgie716815.5%0.100.1030
14813Unread Asia Mint and used  stampfair420218.3%0.090.0932
14805Unread Hungary Through 1980s MNH Mostly Sets w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest244619.6%0.056.5013
14800Unread RUSSIA - All Souvenir Sheets - Mostly MNH StampDevotee164721.3%0.151.2016
14808Unread Romania Used 1958-61 sets/singles w/Scott # & Index Soundcrest207722.1%0.052.0012
14814Unread Bavaria cardstamp912924.8%0.100.8016
14790Unread PNG - 1952 to Modern - Sets, Sheets, Singles MNH with SG Catalogue #'s Globalphilately178025.0%0.104.5029
14781Unread EUROPE - RECENT, used, Euro values, mostly from 2008 boxwood912927.9%0.100.3020
14807Unread Saar Mint/Used w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1212128.1%0.053.0026
14784Unread Post WW II, Germany, Russian zones Opa817328.3%0.153.5031
14812Unread Portugal, Used to 1973 BrechiniteUK1113428.4%0.060.0620
14821Unread JAPAN > vol 8 - USED, mostly 80y issues  boxwood1022732.2%0.100.207
14791Unread USA SPACE MNH - 1/2 Sheets, Sheetlets, Strips, Singles StampDevotee91435.7%0.203.9520
14819Unread NETHERLANDS, part 2, classic: 1852-1946; 80%-85% off Scott. dresden2223038.3%0.0560.0025
14785Unread Czech Republic eugen01611344.2%0.080.5018
14787Unread Mauritania Used/MLH/MH/MNH stokesville2325845.0%0.053.0021
14775Unread F. R. Germany, used Opa2318946.0%0.2012.0034
14780Unread LATVIA LITHUANIA FINLAND NORWAY SWEDEN MINT & USED burrowsj811650.0%0.052.5033
14777Unread SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA MINT & USED burrowsj1312850.8%0.053.9927
14783Unread AFRICA NON BRITISH MINT & USED burrowsj1221151.7%0.050.5030
14789Unread AUSTRIA IRELAND ITALY SWITZERLAND MINT & USED burrowsj2121653.7%0.051.9927
14782Unread AFRICA NON BRITISH MINT & USED burrowsj1427854.0%0.050.0527
14776Unread SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA MINT & USED burrowsj1429354.3%0.050.0523
14820Unread Modern Stamps from the United States #2 mikek51123259.9%0.060.2514
14778Unread Netherlands; semi-postals from B2-B476. All at 15% to 20% Scott. dresden1924360.1%0.0512.0028
14794Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH MINT & USED burrowsj1332061.3%0.050.0528
14795Unread BRITISH COMMONWEALTH MINT & USED burrowsj1410870.4%0.105.9934
14804Unread Older Burkina Faso (Upper Volta) Niger & Reunion with Index and Scott# Soundcrest2012471.8%0.051.9020
14786Unread ASIA CHINA JAPAN KOREA VIETNAM MINT & USED burrowsj1221672.7%0.050.3524
14792Unread Modern Stamps from the United States mikek52451779.7%0.060.1032
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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