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Books Listed By: John Hyland(comet66)

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
14448Unread ^ South America Ecuador to Venezuela comet66133248.6%0.100.1049
14905Unread BELGIUM comet661834711.2%0.101.5033
14923Unread United States comet66717313.3%0.100.1048
14449Unread ^ Central America Seven comet661230813.6%0.100.1036
14954Unread EAST GERMANY comet661635614.9%0.101.0022
14970Unread GREAT BRITAIN 1850-1970 comet662336715.5%0.101.0027
14902Unread CANADA comet662433420.1%0.1020.0058
13321Unread AUSTRALIA Used Two comet661331220.2%0.080.0875
13310Unread AUSTRALIA Used One comet661230021.0%0.080.0868
14873Unread CZECHOSLOVAKIA comet661745421.8%0.050.1022
14951Unread Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino comet66614422.9%0.100.1029
14903Unread NETHERLANDS comet661031224.0%0.100.1023
14890Unread NORWAY comet66515625.0%0.100.1037
14876Unread HUNGARY comet661745925.3%0.050.1024
14920Unread Commonwealth Uganda-Kenya-Tanganyika comet66615825.3%0.100.1032
14874Unread CZECHOSLOVAKIA comet661745326.3%0.050.1026
14875Unread HUNGARY comet661644526.3%0.050.1021
14919Unread Commonwealth Malta comet66612726.8%0.100.1032
14917Unread Commonwealth Antigua to Cyprus comet661228127.0%0.100.1029
14020Unread Canada Mostly Sets ALL MNH comet66206927.5%0.4012.7553
14885Unread YUGOSLAVIA & BALKINS comet661133628.0%0.100.1028
14941Unread FRENCH COLONIES comet661740528.6%0.100.1037
12233Unread India Clearance comet661757829.2%0.030.0471
14921Unread commonwealth Mauritius to Trinadad comet661434230.1%0.100.1027
12090Unread JAPAN comet662265631.4%0.040.08116
12625Unread Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong comet661537632.4%0.100.1059
14889Unread DENMARK. ICELAND & GREENLAND comet661028032.5%0.100.1044
12234Unread India with Scott Numbers comet66831536.5%0.080.0858
14942Unread Ireland comet66514441.7%0.100.2018
14898Unread GREECE comet662362742.6%0.050.1028
14939Unread FRANCE comet661852243.3%0.100.1530
14950Unread ITALY comet661439446.2%0.100.1021
14918Unread Commonwealth Dominica to Jamaica comet661331746.7%0.100.1023
14494Unread Australia: $1.00 stamps plus recent on paper comet662043347.1%0.090.1564
14969Unread GERMANY 1870-1970 comet662477057.0%0.101.0026
13502Unread Canada: MNH comet662118460.9%0.0910.00115
14888Unread FINLAND & BALTIC STATES comet66614561.4%0.100.1031
14904Unread LUXEMBOURG comet66513279.5%0.100.1024
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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