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Books Listed By: John Hyland(comet66)

The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
14344Unread ^ ARGENTINA comet6672200.0%0.100.1027
14451Unread ^ Caribbean Countries comet66214980.2%0.100.1045
14329Unread ^ UNITED ARAB EMIRATES comet66244501.6%0.100.8029
14262Unread ^ CZECHOSLOVAKIA comet66196051.8%0.100.1023
14064Unread Canada & Newfoundland to 1950 comet66102422.1%0.101.0066
14072Unread RWANDA comet66122292.2%0.100.1029
14264Unread ^ PAKISTAN  comet6661562.6%0.100.1018
14156Unread Australia 2015-17 $1.00 AND MORE comet66101053.8%0.207.0048
14006Unread Africa B-D PLUS French Overseas comet66163584.7%0.100.1049
14345Unread ^ BOLIVIA & BRAZIL comet6662074.8%0.100.1021
14347Unread ^ CHILE & COLOMBIA comet66102694.8%0.100.1018
14252Unread ^ YUGOSLAVIA comet66102465.3%0.100.1020
14257Unread ^ GB COMMEMORATIVE comet66245805.3%0.100.1040
14448Unread ^ South America Ecuador to Venezuela comet66133245.9%0.100.1027
14253Unread ^ LUXEMBOURG and NETHERLANDS  comet66113556.5%0.100.1032
14246Unread ^ FRANCE (some colonies) comet66123638.0%0.100.1029
14260Unread ^ ROMANIA 2  comet66173969.3%0.100.5020
14244Unread ^ BULGARIA  comet661435510.1%0.100.1021
14449Unread ^ Central America Seven comet661230811.0%0.100.1019
13823Unread RUSSIA comet661022711.9%0.100.1039
14263Unread ^ GREECE & ALBANIA comet66819114.1%0.100.1023
13583Unread NEW ZEALAND comet66721814.2%0.100.1048
14243Unread ^ AUSTRIA comet66724914.5%0.100.1021
13532Unread Germany comet661444515.1%0.100.4046
13321Unread AUSTRALIA Used Two comet661331215.1%0.100.1061
14136Unread POLAND Clearance #2 comet662461615.3%0.090.0915
13573Unread SWITZERLAND comet661755815.4%0.100.1036
13310Unread AUSTRALIA Used One comet661230015.7%0.100.1052
14251Unread ^ IRELAND comet66620417.2%0.100.1021
13942Unread Australia recent on paper comet661330918.1%0.100.1038
14330Unread ^ 12 MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES comet662455418.8%0.100.5021
14259Unread ^ ROMANIA 1 comet661838219.4%0.100.1015
14065Unread US MNH, mostly 1970's many below face comet6659719.6%0.100.1037
14132Unread POLAND Clearance comet662458920.2%0.090.0921
14020Unread Canada Mostly Sets ALL MNH comet66206920.3%0.4012.7538
13557Unread PORTUGAL comet661116721.0%0.101.0027
14254Unread ^ MALTA, MONACO, AND MORE  comet661431321.7%0.101.2523
14258Unread ^ GB DEFINITIVE comet661748721.8%0.102.0028
14461Unread Southeast Asian Countries comet661649722.7%0.100.1024
13631Unread Canada:1970-2015 USED comet661230023.7%0.100.1045
13632Unread MONGOLIA comet66812623.8%0.100.1036
13574Unread UNITED KINGDOM comet662351825.3%0.100.5050
12625Unread Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong comet661537625.5%0.100.1044
12090Unread JAPAN comet662265625.9%0.040.0897
14247Unread ^ HUNGARY comet662457426.8%0.100.1019
13572Unread SPAIN comet662060427.3%0.100.1039
12233Unread India Clearance comet661757829.1%0.030.0458
12234Unread India with Scott Numbers comet66831531.4%0.080.0848
14245Unread ^ DENMARK and NORWAY comet661351335.1%0.100.1037
13524Unread EAST GERMANY comet661931638.9%0.100.5028
13983Unread Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika/Tanzania  comet66821339.0%0.100.1029
13991Unread China Clearance comet66616239.5%0.060.0639
13510Unread Belgium comet661431856.0%0.101.0043
13502Unread Canada: MNH comet662118460.3%0.0910.0098
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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