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The following list of Approval Books are currently available for Stamporama Members to purchase stamps from. Click on the headings to resort the list.
13161Unread South & Ctrl America --- Caribbean included parjac191142.6%0.030.2044
13396Unread Argentina definitives part 1 - oldies siem51176.8%0.080.4525
13124Unread NICARAGUA - Used - Some Ealy- Most 70s & 80s - Book 2 of 2 StampDevotee1224815.3%0.100.5022
13384Unread VENEZUELA - Large Selection of USED Stamps Kemling11327316.8%0.151.0022
12665Unread Venezuela Used stamps issued before 1950 jr091841221617.6%0.150.1525
12369Unread South America A-B Countries comet661545519.1%0.050.1041
12670Unread Costa Rica, Peru, Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Dominicana. jr091841446721.2%0.150.1534
12370Unread South America C-G Countries comet661743324.5%0.050.1037
12371Unread South America P-V Countries comet66924629.3%0.100.1029
12398Unread #ARGENTINA 78-85. Used & MNH on Steiner pgs. All with Cat#s, no BofB rrraphy1212131.4%0.081.0028
12655Unread #CUBA (non colonial) Back of Book. With Cat #s Plus several S/S rrraphy1719433.5%0.1210.0020
13121Unread NICARAGUA - Used, MH MNH - Early issues to 1980s - Book 1 of 2 StampDevotee2452633.7%0.100.1021
13400Unread Guatemala U/MH/MNH incl BoB 1881-1964 w/Scott #'s david136171012334.1%0.060.6018
12876Unread Central America oldies - Guatemala to Panama and everything in between siem414034.3%0.100.1032
13375Unread Argentina early 1900s to 1960s incl. many officials and other BOB siem1130935.9%0.060.2518
12897Unread ECUADOR - 1890s to 1990s - Used StampDevotee2246541.5%0.100.5027
13186Unread Ecuador1 Early Issues Coat of Arms/Portraits U/MH w/ Scott#'s 12-477 david13617915443.5%0.061.5029
13393Unread Ecuador: 1899 Onward  1938324510044.0%0.100.1021
12727Unread South America, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru Germet514344.1%0.100.1027
13336Unread Central and South America - mostly used cougar718644.6%0.050.1020
12359Unread #ARGENTINA 58-67 Comm, with Cat #s, + Definitive, no BofB Used & M/MNH rrraphy1022545.3%0.080.6035
10794Unread Paraguay MNH and used 1905 to 1930s stampfair313045.4%0.040.04101
13409Unread Argentina commems 1960s to 2000s - used siem611151.4%0.101.0016
13108Unread Peru large selection old and new siem1033356.8%0.080.2525
13315Unread Ecuador5 Overprints/Surcharges/BoB Individuals U/MH/MNH w/ Scott#'s  david136171015658.3%0.070.6016
11452Unread El Salvador Reg. Issues #38-853, & Air Mail, Mostly Used, w/ Scott#'s david13617813859.4%0.060.2548
13180Unread Costa Rica Mint/Used Pre #240 and BOB w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest148262.2%0.053.5017
13101Unread Nicaragua Mint Sets/Singles Pre 1980 w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest188264.6%0.055.0019
13039Unread Mexico 1970-80's MNH Sets/Singles w/Scott# & Index  Soundcrest1811666.4%0.053.5015
13389Unread Uruguay To 1930 mint/used With Index and Scott# Soundcrest1924266.5%0.0519.0016
13139Unread Honduras, U&MH, Many Air Mail, with Scott #'s david136171623467.1%0.061.0024
13298Unread Ecuador4 Air Mail only Ind/Sets U/MH 1929-1980 w/ Scott#'s  david136172031267.3%0.060.9024
12396Unread #ARGENTINA Semi Postal/Air Mail all with Cat #s, Used & MNH, some M rrraphy1218668.8%0.121.2528
13246Unread Ecuador3 Reg Issue/Jumbos/Higher CV's U/CTO/MH w/ Scott#'s  david136171519371.0%0.061.2023
13236Unread Ecuador2 Mostly Commemoratives U/MH 1930-1975 w/ Scott#'s  david13617716871.4%0.060.0623
11693Unread Guatemala Mint/Used Through 1924 w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest1312075.0%0.012.1050
12940Unread Nicaragua Mint/Used Early and 1970s sets w/Scott# & Index Soundcrest148582.4%0.052.5024
12987Unread Venezuela 1970-80s MNH With Scott# and Index Soundcrest165784.2%0.055.0016
12815Unread Costa Rica Airmails #1 through the year 1968 Mint/Used w/Scott# & Inde Soundcrest177384.9%0.053.7537
  • Unread - Indicates that there is material in the Book that you haven't seen yet.
  • Price Reduced - Indicates that the price of some of the Pages have been reduced.

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