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What we collect!
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New Zealand: Earlies to Mid-90s

(Book Number 25489)

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Total Pages:8
Total Items:164
Last Page Added:18 Aug 2022
Sold Items: 45
Percent Sold:27.4%


Book Description
Mixture of about 90% Commemoratives 10% Definitives.
Country Shipping Limitations
The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.
Payment and Shipping Terms
...100% of sales proceeds will be used by The Holocaust Stamps Project (Canada) to cover SOME of our out-of-pocket operating expenses: SOR membership fees; postage costs on sales; website fees; mailings to donors; etc. THE NET SALES PROCEEDS WILL BE USED TO PURCHASE STAMPS (PREFERABLY THROUGH SOR MEMBERS) NEEDED FOR OUR HOLOCAUST PRESENTATIONS.
…Catalogue numbers and values from Scott 2017.
...Stamps sold "on pages" are checked to remove any with obvious damage (other than short perfs); but the gum side of stamps is not inspected for faults. Stamps will be removed from the album pages but the hinges may/may not be removed (depending on time availability).
...The buyer's mailing costs are $1.00 to Canada, $1.25 to US, or $2.50 Internationally for a 30g regular-size envelope; or actual postage costs for larger/heavier packages.
...We prefer that invoices be paid only through PayPal at "holocauststampsproject.canada@gmail.com". However, cheques/US cash will be accepted if you provide us with notice in advance.

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