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What we collect!
What we collect!

Netherlands 1940-1989 as good as complete, Sc. 216-748 - used

(Book Number 29359)

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Book Description
This is a selection of stamps from the Netherlands that is as good as complete! Only the higher values from the flying dove overprints and the Amphilex 67 stamps are missing. I have a bunch of the latter, but could not find them right now.
I tried to include most of the booklet varieties, but some of these are missing as well.

Of course the real challenge for the Netherlands is the charity stamps (semipostals). Since this was made following the Scott catalogue, these are not included here.
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Shipping and payment info:

Shipping costs: $2.10 if the letter stays under 20 grams (0.7 oz - approx. 100 normal sized stamps). Heavier packets: $4.20 or more, depending on the weight of the letter.

Multiple purchases will always be combined and should you wish to continue "shopping" after receipt of my invoice, just let me know and I will hold the invoice until you are ready.

New 2020 UPU regulation makes it compulsory to send stamps as declared goods, with customs declarations and such. For some reason a letter with a few stamps would then cost $20.00 to ship. Unless requested by the buyer, I will continue sending letters as I have been doing for the past years. It seems customs is not targeting letters with stamps at this moment. However, I will not be held responsible should the letter be conviscated by customs. This is a risk the buyer takes.

Buyers from India and South America: unfortunately letters sent to these parts of the world tend to get lost. Shipping without registration is at your own risk. Ask first how much registered shipment costs before placing a bid!


I accept cash (US dollars or the equivalent in Euro), sent at your own risk.

Preferred method: PayPal (you can use your creditcard!)

Unfortunately NO personal checks or money orders are accepted.

Thank you for watching this item and good luck bidding!

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