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What we collect!
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Great Britain Fillins

(Book Number 24125)

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Total Pages:24
Total Items:429
Last Page Added:08 May 2022
Sold Items: 160
Percent Sold:37.3%


Book Description
This book contains stamps you might be missing from a set or singles. They are not hi-values so i have priced them at 5c each regardless of their catalog value. There are a total of 24 sheets in this booklet with 18 stamps per page. 99% of the stamps have been catalogued. The stamps in this booklet are not in sequential order so you might find #680 next to 3500. So I wish that this booklet might help you in completing your collection of Great Britain.
Country Shipping Limitations
The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.
Payment and Shipping Terms
Payments for items purchased can be paid for through paypal, cash(at your risk,or mint unused US postage stamps plus 25%.) Postage is $1.20 PER OUNCE ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.A.Foreign orders are $3.50 up to 1 OZ or ACTUAL COST. INSURANCE IS EXTRA IF DESIRED.
INSURANCE ABROAD IS $3.50 PER OUNCE, ACTUAL COST OVER 1 OZ PLUS 25%. INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE IS AVAILABLE IF DESIRED. I NORMALLY SHIP WITHIN 3 DAYS OF RECEIVING YOUR FUNDS.I DO HAVE A PAYMENT PLAN FOR ALL PURCHASES OVER $100.00 IF SO DESIRED. We ask that you purchase at least $5.oo purchases under $5.00 will have $1.00 added as a convenience charge.All purchases are unconditionally guaranteed to be the exact stamp on the paper in that condition, If you are concerned about the condition of any stamp you can write through stampOrama. If upon receipt of your purchases you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason you can return the entire order at your expense, to us as received for a full refund.

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