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U.S. Fleetwood cachet FDCs (60's-90's era).
(Book Number 15895)

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Title pretty much says it all. I guess I should start calling this my holiday special for FDCs. been listing specials for 3 years now. Anyway, Approvals special: Buy 3 get one FREE
(will deduct from invoice) or in other words buy 3 only pay for 2. Only change is S&H rates. They have almost tripled since last year. Any envelope over 3 oz. starts at $4.53.
S&H then is exact cost of shipping, possibly can ship in less than 3 oz. lots to keep costs down. Buy $40.00 worth get FREE S&H by priority mail w/ins.

Country Shipping Limitations

The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.

Payment and Shipping Terms

Payment: NO PAYPAL! Personal check, Money Order, & Cash (U.S. dollar) at your risk. For single stamp lots: S&H is $.60 to U.S. & $1.20 to Canada. S.S.'s & covers: $1.00 to U.S.: Canada exact cost of postage. Heavier lots S&h is cost of postage by weight to U.S. & Canada.
INVOICING POLICY: I try to invoice when my FREE S&H setting on purchases ($10.00+ for single stamp lots to U.S. & Canada : $20.00+ purchases of S.S.'s & covers to U.S applies;let me know if you want one sooner. Guarantee: All lots I list are guaranteed as genuine as listed. If there is a mistake I will try to correct it. Any Q's; just ask.

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