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Stamporama Anniversary
The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps
Stamporama Anniversary
The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps

What we collect!
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What we collect!
20 visitors online

2nd Page Links

Designing and Printing your own Album Pages
This is a different kind of link. Many members design, create and print their own custom album pages. Rather than list all the links separately, this link takes you to a discussion of this subject with embedded links to wonderful sites (many FREE). Note especially the threads for July 16, 2009 (2 posts) and August 13, 2013.

Free France and French Colonies Album Pages
Good Quality France and French related Album Pages for free printing. france-timbres.net

Home Stamp Collecting Tips from Ms Phillips' class at George Washington Carver School
Thank you Ms Phillips for this link. We hope that your class at George Washington Carver continues to enjoy Stamp Collecting.

Online Stamp Identifier (ISWSC)
The International Society of World Wide Stamp Collectors online Stamp identifier.

Postal Administration Agencies of UPU countries
Contact information for all member countries of the Universal Postal Union.

Scanning tips: Basics
Here is a very helpful site that defines and explains the basics in scanning. This will be helpful for the seller, as well as archivists.

Stamp 'Bursting' Software
This is an excellent piece of software to take scans of black-background stamp pages (such as stocksheets) and explode the scan into images of individual stamps. Very powerful, flexible and saves lots of time! It is free, but donations are accepted.

Stamp Collecting Software and Resources
An excellent resource for stamp collectors both young and old. This link was suggested by a young collector who has been using Stamporama to gather information about his collecting interests. Thanks for the link Elliot!

Stamp Identifier
Foreign Stamp Identifier.

The Joys of Stamp Collecting-An Introduction to a Fascinating Hobby
An article written primarily to beginners to our great hobby of stamp collecting.

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