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Stamporama Anniversary
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Local Stamp Club Listing User Guide

How to list my local stamp club on Stamporama

Stamporama now has the ability for you to list information about your local stamp club including up to four meeting or event addresses with information about each meeting or event.

Local Stamp Club Screen
Figure 1 - List of Local Stamp Clubs

To access this screen use the "Clubs" link in the blue navigation bar at the top of the home page. It is shown hightlighted in yellow in the image above.

Stamporama is an international stamp club so as members from all around the world start to use this facility, you will see many stamp clubs listed here from all over. To find stamps clubs in your local area, you use the Select Country and Select State or Province dropdowns.  Only the Countries and States that have Local Stamp Clubs are shown in these dropdowns. When you make a selection in one of these dropdowns the screen is repainted displaying only local stamp clubs in the County or State that you have selected.

Any Stamporama member can create an entry for their local stamp club to share information about their club and information about the club meetings and events that are scheduled.  To add an entry in the Local Stamp Club list you have to be a logged on member of Stamporama.  When are logged on you will see two extra buttons as seen in Figure 2.

Local Club List when member is logged on
Figure 2 - View of the Local Stamp Club list when a member is logged on

When you are logged into Stamporama you can see the "My Local Clubs" button and the "Add Local Club" button.  The "My Local Clubs" button displays the club records that you have created.  The "Add Local Club" gives you the ability to create an entry in the local club list.

Add Local Club

On pressing the Add Local Club button you are presented with the screen shown in Figure 3.

 Add New Local Club
Figure 3 - Create a New Local Club listing

The Create a New Local Club screen shown in Figure 3 allows you to enter information about your local stamp club. Items to take note of are:

  1. The Club Name is required. You will get an error returned if you forget to enter the name of your club.
  2. The Website URL is the address of the clubs website if it has one.  This field can be left blank if the club doesn't have a website. If you forget to enter the "http://" or "https://" the program will assume "http://" and will save it with the entered URL.
  3. The club contact name and contact information is for the person who should be contacted if someone wants to know anything about your club. This may or may not be the Stamporama member who is entering the information. You can enter multiple lines of information in this field which could be things like the person's name, a P.O. Box that they want people to use in contacting them, a personal phone number or person email address etc.
  4. The club's email address and phone number can't both be blank. You will need to enter at least one of them.
  5. The information about the club field is where you will enter information that you want people to know about your club. It could be your club goal or what your club is interested in studying or any special interests that the club has. Basically it is whatever information that you want to convey about your club to people who might be interested in joining. This is not a compulsory field, it can be left blank.
  6. By default the club will have one meeting or event address where you enter the address where the meeting is happening and any information that you want to convey about the meeting such as meeting start time and finish time, what will be happening at the meeting e.g. an auction, a show and tell session etc.
  7. The system will allow you to enter up to four Meeting/Event addresses.  To add an extra Meeting/Event address press the "Add Another Meeting Address" button.  If after adding a 2nd, 3rd or 4th meeting address you decide that you don't want one or more of them you have the ability to remove them.
  8. The Country field is a required field. When you select the County if the Country has States or Provinces the State or Province dropdown will be populated. At the moment this happens for the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.
  9. Don't forget to press the Submit button at the bottom of the screen when you are finished entering.

When you press the Submit button, if your entered information passed the data entry edits, the data will be save and the Edit Information for a Local Club screen will be display showing the information that you have just entered. This gives you the ability to review the information that you have just ented and make any last minute changes.  When you are satified with the information that you have entered, press the Request Publishing button at the bottom of the screen. This will save any last minute changes and will set the status of the entry to indicate that it is ready to be reviewed and published by the Local Stamp Club Listing Moderator. The Moderator/s will receive a message in the the Stamporama Message system letting them know that you have requested the Publishing of your local club record. When the Moderator has reviewed and published your record you will receive a message in the Stamporama Messaging system letting you know that your Local Stamp Club listing has been published.

My Local Clubs

When you press the My Local Clubs button you see the local clubs that you have entered. On each of your Local Clubs you will see the Edit button which take you into the Edit Information for a Local Club screen. From this screen you can make what ever changes that you want to the Local Club information. Remember, your changes are not visible to the public until you press the Request Publishing button and the Moderator publishes your new changes.

If you have any question about this function please contact the Stamporama Webmaster.




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