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Approval Books Rules


Table of Contents


Rules For Buyers

Rules For Sellers

Other Applicable Rules

Automatic Approval Book Closure

Suggestions For Better Sales


The electronic approval books sales platform is unique to Stamporama. It is intended to provide members the opportunity to sell low-valued stamps using an approval book-style process. Buying from approval books permits members to quickly obtain large numbers of stamps to add to their collections at prices usually much lower than elsewhere.

Buying or selling through the Approval Books sales platform is an acknowledgement that the rules relating to approval books and the co-related auction rules have been read and are understood.

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A. Rules For Buyers

A1. Purchasing a stamp from an approval book creates an agreement between the buyer and seller that the buyer will pay for the purchase no matter how large or how small.

A2. Buyers must pay for their purchases within 5 business days of receipt of an invoice from the seller. Buyers must notify the seller regarding any delay in payment.

A3. Buyers who have not received an invoice within 5 business days of completing purchases with a seller must contact the seller to request that an invoice be sent.

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B. Rules For Sellers

B1. To provide a substantial quantity of items, each approval book must contain a minimum, or appropriate combination, of:

  • 100 stamps
  • 20 complete sets
  • 20 covers
  • 20 souvenir/miniature sheets

B2. All items in a book must be directly related to philately and be in the chosen approval book category. "World-wide" and other non-listed categories must be posted in the "Other Misc. Items" category, and must be neatly arranged by country and/or topic.

B3. Each item must be identified by number. The number must be positioned so that it is clearly visible and does not overlap any other item. Numbers should preferably be located on the left side of or directly underneath the item to which it relates.

B4. Multiple copies of an item are limited to three, except for offerings such as: collectible cancellation types, pre-cancels, color shades, etc., and must be placed together on the same page.

B5. All items must include an image of the actual item being offered for sale. Representative images are not permitted.

B6. Stamps with defects must be identified by entering the word "Damaged" in the description. This includes repairs, thins, creases, pulled or torn perforations, scuffs, tears, stains, extraneous writing or markings in ink or marker (other than owner/authentication marks), etc.

B7. Bogus, fake, forged, counterfeit, reprinted, repaired or altered stamps may be listed for sale, and must be so identified. Describing a stamp as "counterfeit?" or "reperfed?", etc. is permitted when a seller is uncertain whether a stamp is genuine.

B8. Relying on authentication marks to list the stamp as genuine without an accompanying certification from a recognized authority is not permitted.

B9. Intentionally listing bogus, fake, forged, counterfeit, repaired or altered stamps as genuine is prohibited.

B10. The Auctioneer may grant a waiver for approval books when a limited selection makes the minimum item requirement rule unreasonable. Sellers must contact the Auctioneer to request the waiver, and a waiver must be granted, before the approval book is posted.

B11. Approval books that are not compliant with the rules are subject to closure without prior notice.

B12. Sellers must ship purchases within 5 business days of receiving payment. Sellers must notify the buyer regarding any delay in shipping.

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C. Other Applicable Rules

The following sections from the Auction Rules also apply to approval books:

A. General Rules
D. Shipping Terms

E. Unacceptable Listing Practices

F. Disputes
G. Sanctions

Click here to view the Auction Rules

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D. Automatic Approval Book Closure

When 60 days pass without a sale from an approval book that is in "Open" status, the system places the book on the "Closing Soon" list. The seller receives a message that the book will be closed by the system in 15 days from the notification date.

When an approval book is in "Closing Soon" status, it remains there until it is closed. If 15 days pass without a sale from the book, the book is closed. If there are sales from the book at any time during the 15 day period, the book remains active, and the 15 day countdown starts over. The book is finally closed when no sales occur from the book within a 15 day period.

An approval book remains active, regardless of whether it is in "Open" or "Closing Soon" status as long as there are sales from the book within the time frames related to the book's status. Eventually every book is closed when interest in the book wanes.

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E. Suggestions For Better Sales

The following is a short list of suggestions to help sellers achieve better sales, and offer buyers a better experience when viewing approval books.

  • create books that are neatly organized
  • offer stamps that are different from those others are selling
  • make approval book titles specific and describe the contents of the books
  • limit, or, better yet, do not include damaged stamps that are of low catalog value
  • price damaged stamps less than sound stamps
  • make sure every stamp is fully visible, and not covered by part of another stamp or item number
  • include the catalog number and/or year of issue, as many buyers appreciate this
  • reduce the price of the stamps in an under-performing approval book
  • announce new approval books by posting a classified ad in the Discussion Board

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This page was last updated on December 19, 2019


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