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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Approvals Disc. : One year anniversary of Approval Books

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Retired Ap. Book Mod, Pres Golden Gate Stamp Club, Hi Tech Consultant
27 Dec 2014
The SOR's Approval Book Platform is one year old!
Hard to realize that there was nothing like SOR's Approvals one year ago! Yes, it was just launched, on December 27, 2013! Many thanks again to the development team, and especially to Tim who designed such an outstanding piece of software. And thanks to all of you who embraced it with enthusiasm.
What a year! Thumbs Up

So let us recap (for bragging purposes) our accomplishments. Most numbers are best estimates, extrapolated through year end from available data.
This is issued on our one year anniversary date:

Number of Books Issued: 3,100
Number of Book Views (books, not pages): 60,000
Number of items listed: 425,000
Number of items sold: 150,000
Percentage of items sold: 35%
Total Books Currently Active: 750

New Book listed by Months:

Before Jan 1, 2014: test books and early listings: around 50
Jan: around 600
Feb: around 400
March: around 250
April: around 250
May: around 200
June: around 270
July: around 120
August: around 160
Sept: around 130
Oct: around 270
Nov: around 170
Dec: around 230
Total: around 3,100

Total $ listed: around $50,000
Total $ sold: around $27,500 (55%)
Average sold item price: $0.19
Average listed item price: $0.12

Number of distinct sellers: 95+
Number of distinct buyers: 190+
Top lister with books still in the system: Arno
Largest book: 921 items by Stampfarm
Smallest "book"..not meaningful. (books of a few items are no longer allowed).

Average listing duration till retirement: 2 months?
Smallest listing duration: 1 day with 100% sold.
Largest category of listed books: (Other W Europe?): around 200?
Smallest Category (UN, cinderellas revenues etc?): around 5
Oldest book still in the system: #63 listed by Bismark on January 6, 2014

Hope you are all in shock, like me! This is truly remarkable!
And having some simple rules has definitely improved the material on hand. The books, as of late, have been stellar! Bravo to all.

No matter how you slice it, it has been an exciting first year.
Thanks to all who contributed to this success. On to many more years, with more and better material, better organized books and greater member's participation. My hope is that we can get many more fellow collectors to activate books with their extra duplicates, and many more of our membership to buy from them on SOR's Approval Books.

The goal of Approvals has always been to efficiently help our members fill the gaps in their collections, mostly but not exclusively the lower cost items, and also to dispose of their surplus to fellow collectors!
Keep that in mind. And did I mention it is fun as well? Big Grin
rrr... Wave

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"E. Rutherford: All science is either physics or stamp collecting."
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27 Dec 2014
re: One year anniversary of Approval Books

Excellent news!

Congratulations to every SOR member who has been a part of the success of the Approvals.


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APS #156650
27 Dec 2014
re: One year anniversary of Approval Books

A huge round of applause to everyone who helped make this possible!!! Awesome!

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Retired Ap. Book Mod, Pres Golden Gate Stamp Club, Hi Tech Consultant
01 Jan 2015
re: One year anniversary of Approval Books

Final number: 3115 Approval Books Officially as of Jan 1

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"E. Rutherford: All science is either physics or stamp collecting."
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