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Club Business & Announcements/Tech Advice : Messaging Buyers

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03 Sep 2014
One thing that I think would be nice, and may help to ease the sometimes strain between buyers and sellers would be to more easily (unless there's something there for this already) message the buyers.

I was thinking that when using the "Add an Invoice" function, it would be nice to have an option to email the buyer for whom an invoice has not yet been sent to see if they are done buying. Now all a seller can do on that screen is create and send the invoice, or go to a different screen to send a message. Being able to see the buyers listed like this before adding and sending an invoice can save time, and adds an avenue of communication between seller and buyer.

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03 Sep 2014
re: Messaging Buyers

Hi everyone;

Here's an idea, use Mozilla Firefox, and open multiple windows. I do this all the time. I sometimes even open another copy of the browser, so I have two or three running at once. It doesn't seem to use very much resources and downloads are still fast.

However if one window or browser is still downloading, while you activate another, this will slow the whole thing down. So wait until the first window has loaded, or if you have everything you want to see hit the 'stop loading this page' button. Then load the second page or a new browser.

I do this all the time and it is very efficient. When using Firefox, if you click on a link or button with a three button windows mouse, then clicking with the center 'wheel' will tell Firefox to open the link target in a new window.

I know what you are saying tho, as I always message my buyers to see if they want an invoice, or want to shop more to combine shipping.

Keep on stampin
Ken Tall Pines

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