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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Auction Disc. : Another tweak

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14 Aug 2014
If I were to wish for something, I'd love to have a subtotal for the lots added to the buyers list of won items for each seller.
Sometimes I have 50 to 100 items from a seller ( Or More ) and unless they are all at the same price, adding them up becomes a process fraught with errors as I try to transfer the individual winning price to the calculator.
Even if they are from approvals books and all at, say five or ten cents, which should be easy, but somewhere between 60 and 80, I usually lose my place as I move the screen along.
A subtotal that could be clicked on when needed for that seller would allow me to see how big a second mortgage to apply for.
Since I try to aways pay by cash and limit invoice cash purchases to less than $20 or $25 to control the risk of a loss there are times when knowing where I am would be invaluable.
Now if such a feature is already included somewhere, please show me.
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15 Aug 2014
re: Another tweak

Wow, I didn't realize that Buyers couldn't see their totals! That would be a super helpful "tweak".

In the meantime, anytime you'd like a total from me, don't hesitate to ask. I'm sure most sellers wouldn't mind taking two seconds to let you know. I'll private message you right now. Winking

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