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Sales, Swaps, Auction & Approvals/Approvals Disc. : What is the highest number of items in an approval book?

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10 Aug 2014
I was looking at the number of items in books and I think Bottom Fish has the record with 828 and 812 items in approval books! Applause

I'm trying to catch him but he's a few laps ahead of me - I'm a distant third with 762 items in a book. Way to go!

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"Just one more small collection, hun, really! LoL "
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10 Aug 2014
re: What is the highest number of items in an approval book?

Hi philatelia;

I had 691 in one, until a single buyer gutted it like a fish!!! Rolling On The Floor Laughing

But I'm just gettin' started and got another 125,000 to list so "I'll be back".

Happy sortin'
Ken Tall Pines

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Retired Ap. Book Mod, Pres Golden Gate Stamp Club, Hi Tech Consultant
16 Aug 2014
re: What is the highest number of items in an approval book?

I like Approval books that have large number of stamps.
I find "books" with just a handful uninteresting. They waste my time. I don't want to buy just a handful of low cost stamps. What do I do about shipping costs? I want to fill in as many empty slots as I can, at one time!
I think that "books" that pretend to be Approval Books, with just a few pages and few items are not useful as a resource. Not to me anyway.

I work on stamps at my own pace, and when I start in a new area, I like to explore what is available to fill in my spots. I don't want to monitor Approvals like an Auction, I want to go there when I need to. If I want just a few specific stamps, I go to Auctions, here, or anywhere else!

So let us hear the loud hip hip hooray for the record setters.. Hats off to "Bottom Fish"! Having activated sizeable books myself, I am impressed!

By the way..on the subject of cudos, super congratulations to our new member "foudutimbre". His just posted Approval books are spectacular....for a first time user, I am more than impressed!
Good scans, good legible numbers, (on the left of the stamp!), good choice of philatelic material, not too much duplication, and enough material in a specific topic to warrant a visit. Thumbs Up


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