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United States/Covers & Postmarks : Saint Paul, MN - Ice Palace Cachets

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12 Jun 2014
Anyone else have Ice Palace cancels or cachets?

Here is my only example of a cachet.

Image Not Found

Also a nice example of a Service Mark 1 Universal machine cancel.
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I still have more questions than answers
12 Jun 2014
re: Saint Paul, MN - Ice Palace Cachets

I have a whole collection of them. 1940 and 1941 come available a lot. It is too much to post but I will bring the album to whatever meeting we may meet up at.
I try to avoid philatelic items, but I make the exception for the Winter Carnival and the Minnesota State Fair. I am missing two years in order to have at least one cover from every year that the state fair did a special cancellation. The post office opened there in 1901. I have never seen a 1901 special cancellation for the fair. I'm not sure it exists. They may not have started the special cancellation until 1902. The last year was 2012. The post office was replaced by a UPS station.
I don't know when the Winter Carnival started doing special cancellations. I am missing a lot of the years. There are also a lot of postcards of the Ice Palaces. Some of the early ones were "colorized" real photos. I have a shoebox full of Winter Carnival cancellations and post cards mainly from the 70's that I would love to trade.

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