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Canada/Stamps : British Columbia & Vancouver Island

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27 May 2014
I need some help understanding BC + VI pre-Dominion. The Scott catalog says that BC + VI became a part of the Canadian Confederation in 1871 and stamps of Canada used there since. Scott lists #1 and #2 that have BC + VI engraved on the stamps. #3-6 have only VI. #7 has only BC, and #8-18 are #7 in various colors with various surcharges applied. It appears that #1 and #2 were printed with both names, but when they were separate colonies. Apparently they both needed stamps but there wasn't sufficient demand for them to each issue their own in 1860. In 1865 they each issued their own stamps (#3 - #7) with VI denominated in cents and BC in pence. The two colonies were united in 1866. Scott #8 - #18 (except #10 and #13 which were not placed in use) are overprints of BC 3 pence stamps of various colors with surcharges in cents and are the stamps used by the united colony of BC + VI.

Do I have that right?

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Langley, BC
17 Nov 2014
re: British Columbia & Vancouver Island

Lars, I just saw this post. You have summed it up pretty well. Here is some more information on my website, including the contents of a letter from the Governor of Vancouver Island requesting the first stamps for use in the two colonies.


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