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United States/Covers & Postmarks : Registered Air Mail to Denmark

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Editor, Seal News; contributor, JuicyHeads
24 Mar 2014

Three different services are being paid on this cover; prexie collectors ought to like the use of the high values here, and bemoan the use of the 5c airmail, wondering what was wrong with Monroe?

This is a quadruple air mail rate: 15c X 4 in effect from November 1 1946 through July 1, 1961; plus a registration fee of 20c, in effect from February 1, 1945 to January 1, 1949; plus 5c for the Return Receipt Requested fee, in effect from December 1, 1925 thorough November 1, 1953.

There are two different Chicago transmittal cancels on the reverse; all three services are highlighted in purple on the front, along with the letter F in a circle (can someone explain that to me?), and a Danish box on reverse, which I assume to be their registry marking? Can a Danish collector confirm or correct.

All in all, a pretty nice cover with some rather unusual rates being paid.

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