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United States/Covers & Postmarks : US C31 multiple on registered airmail cover to Denmark

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Editor, Seal News; contributor, JuicyHeads
16 Mar 2014
my primary interest these days is tied seals, so that's how i have my email search set up for daily notifications. I received the following, and there is, indeed, a seal on one of the covers. Luckily, it was on the third page of illustrations. It is not tied, and, consequently, on its own, would be of no interest to me. it IS on a nice cover, though. And it is next to another cover that is fabulous: a C31 multiple.

When it was issued, the rate to Europe was 30c per half ounce; and that existed until 1946, when rates drop to 10c to Europe. In general, this is an elusive stamp, as documented by its high value as a used stamp in Scott ($3.25), and by its rarity on any covers anywhere.


I got this uncontested because it was neither identified in the text nor pictured on the front image. had either been available for view by others, it would have been a fight, and one I would have lost.

this is one of those examples that highlights how important it is to know what you have and properly describe it; without it, it is virtually invisible.

We have at least two transport specialists among our members: Steven Kok and Steve Davis; Saleem Khan is an airmail rate collector; all three will likely enjoy seeing it. The other three covers are all also nice, but this is a jewel.

Search for similar covers on any auction site and see how rare they are in any configuration.

Can't wait for it to arrive; i'll do a full write up then, and picture it more clearly.


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The past is a foreign country, they do things different there.
16 Mar 2014
re: US C31 multiple on registered airmail cover to Denmark

Congratulations, David, for your serendipitous acquisition. Can,t wait to read youur write up.
I'm enjoying your find as much as you are, and that's what I like about Stamporama.

John Derry

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