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25 Feb 2014
As the list of approval books grows, more and more Buyers are making purchases. Sellers need to take advantage of the growing number of buyers by focusing on many things, but first and foremost, the Title they give to each book.

The Buyer only knows what you are posting in your book if you tell him/her in the Title.

The first word in your Title should always be the Country or Topic name. With the total number of active books approaching 1000, the ability of a Buyer to sort by name and go to those books of interest to him/her is critical.

Following the Country/Topic descriptor, let the buyer know what to find in your book (revenues, commemoratives, used 1950-1970, etc.)

And end your Title, if appropriate, by further describing the contents (used, mint, priced from 4 cents each, etc.)

A good Title helps you sell more, helps Buyers find what they are looking for, and alleviates clutter in the book list.

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