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United States/BOB & Other : List of US Revenue Literature

24 Feb 2014
I have been asked by several members to post a Revenue Literature List. So, Here it is. Some of these are insanely difficult to find. Others are in your local library. I do have most of the titles listed. If you need direction for a particular type of Revenue Stamp, Just let me know. I will do my best to help. This list is by no means complete and does Not cover all areas. So, please don't tell me I'm missing Stamped Paper, Embossed Revenues, etc. I already know. But, you are welcome to go right ahead and add it to this post!

If you are just starting out You MUST get the following.
Introduction to United States Revenue Stamps, 1994, By Richard Friedberg (who also happens to be a super nice guy as well!)
This is a MUST for the beginning Revenue Collector. It will answer many questions. As well as saving you a lot of grief and money!

Now the list:Thumbs Up

United States Internal Revenues Stamps, Hydrometers, Lockseals (Also known as "The Springfield List")
1912 Bartlett & Norton (1982 Reprint)
Sterling's Standard Descriptive and Price Catalogue of The Revenue Stamps of The United States
1888 5th Ed. E.B. Sterling (Hiram Deats Signed Personal Copy now resides with me)
Revenue Stamps of The United States 1862-1899, "The New Boston Revenue Book"
1942 Roger W. Sargent
History of The United States Metallic Tax Stamps For Cotton
1913 Charles Nast
Railroad Company Cancellations of the United States on Revenue Stamps 1862-1883
1943 H.P. Shellabear, MD
Special Tax Stamps of The United States
1976 Terrence Hines
Shift Hunter Letters, U.S. Revenue Varieties
1983 George Blake
Private Posts of The United States, Vol.1, New York State
1967 Donald S. Patton
United States Internal Revenue Tax Paids Printed on Tin Foil & Paper Tobacco Wrappers
1988 John Alen Hicks (Limited Ed. of 600)
Check List to License & Royalty Stamps Used in The United States 1860-1885
1935 Henry Holcombe
Addenda To The Check List to License & Royalty Stamps Used in The United States 1860-1885
1944 Henry Holcombe (This was never actually published, Type written and distributed)
Precancel Stamp Society Catalog of United States Bureau Precancels
1997 4th Ed. P.S.S. (Lists the Bureau Precancels on Playing Card Revenues)
Springers Handbook of North America Cinderella Stamps Including Tax Paids
Vol.'s 6, 9 & 10
History of Oleomargarine Tax Stamps and Licenses in the United States
1987 Carter Litchfield
U.S. Customs Baggage Stamps
2008 American Revenuer (Sep.-Oct. 2008, Vol. 62 No. 5, pgs. 122-129)
The SRS State Revenue Catalog
2013 Edited By Dave Wrisley
A Census of United States Match and Medicine Stamps.
1997 Michael E. Aldrich
Series of 1941 Wine Revenue Stamps of the United States of America.
1965 Ray W. Bidwell
The Case of Dr. Kilmer (The Dr. Kilmer & Co. provisional proprietary revenue stamps)
1954 Morton Dean Joyce
The Legendary Persian Rug and Other High-Value Civil War Revenue Stamps
1993 Thomas C. Kingsley
The Battleship Desk Reference: A Study of Proprietary Battleship Revenue Stamp and Their Cancellations.
1999 Robert Mustacich & Anthony Giacomelli
A Handbook of Cancels on United States Federal Wine Tax Stamps
2011 David G. Nussmann, and Donald A. Woodworth, Jr.

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24 Feb 2014
re: List of US Revenue Literature

Outstanding. Many thanks.
Dan C.

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They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -Benjamin Franklin
24 Feb 2014
re: List of US Revenue Literature

Outstanding Eric! I took the liberty of placing a Link to this thread in our Links section.


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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -Edmund Burke"

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24 Feb 2014
re: List of US Revenue Literature

Good man, Bobby-that was 'heads up' ball-nice call and action on your part.
Dan C.

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24 Feb 2014
re: List of US Revenue Literature

I also should have noted that a few of these books are available free on line. You can try Google, Open Library (a great resource if you have never used it) or Archive.Org.
It should also be mentioned that very often a book that is not available on Google.COM might be available on .de or CO.UK or another Google site. It's worth looking.

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