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United States/Covers & Postmarks : Unusual postmark

03 Feb 2014
Here's a postmark type I have never seen before. The letter comes
from the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex (A Prison in West
Liberty, KY). Although the postmark was most than likely applied at the
prison's mail room, it is still cancelling the stamp. So would this be
considered a postal cancel or just a government auxiliary marking? If
it is not a postal marking, wouldn't this make the stamp void before it
enters the mail stream?

Since it is a red cancel and a bit hard to read, the it reads "EKCC
Inmate Mail - Not responsible for content" and the oval part shows " NOV
12, 2013 - 8:20 AM".

Has anybody else seen a similar postmark before? If yes, which prison?
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03 Feb 2014

re: Unusual postmark

Thierry, I have extensive inmate mail covers. I have never seen one canceling the stamp, nor one precisely like what you show.. Many have similar statements.

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03 Feb 2014
re: Unusual postmark

That makes the Purple Heart stamp defaced on November 12th at the EKCC, the day before it was handled by the Lexington post office November 13th.
I suspect that it would have been in a mail sack from the jail along with other inmate letters and just tossed into the automatic letter sorter and cancelling devices willy-nilly.
By the time any human touched the envelope at the sorting facility the deed was done and no one has the time to worry about it.

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