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Africa/All : Postmark ID help

13 Nov 2013
Hopefully this image works. I can find no reference to this postmark anywhere.. I am sure one of the superstars on this site can ID it !


Image didn't work.. but the link should. I think I still have the scan too big to upload but wanted to get the ball rolling.

Thanks.. will try to keep scanning and uploading directly,

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14 Nov 2013
re: Postmark ID help

Hi Jere,

Looks like a phantasy cancellation to me. It is not any of the typical French colonial postmark styles (who am I telling this).

Image Not Found

The low values of most of the French colonies definitive sets are quite difficult to find in used condition and I have see many with bogus cancels. And this is what I think you have here.

For the image upload to work -- just click upload image below -- the image cannot exceed a certain size, so that it displays on the screen without scrolling. Just resize the picture with any program or scan at a suitable size to begin with.


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