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Africa/All : Egypt souvenir sheet Sc.1975c (2006): what is going on?

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14 Aug 2013

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I came across this souvenir sheet issued to commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Egypt and the PR of China.

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What strikes me is that this sheet is offered to auctions as being extremely rare, having a c.v. of 80 euros, while it is listed in Michel for just 1.40 euro (Block 92) and in Scott for $1.10 (#1975c). Yet there is a different sheet with lentricular printing that is listed in Michel as Block 93 for € 200, but is unlisted in Scott.

Does anyone know more about this sheet and how rare it really is?
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27 May 2014
re: Egypt souvenir sheet Sc.1975c (2006): what is going on?

hello there
I am a new member here and found your post and I know it's very old one,simply the ss u are mentioning is a 3d card and it's pretty expensive compared with this one
if you need more info about it or any Egyptian stamps I will be glad to help

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