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Europe/Russia : Would like to know more about those stamp blocks?

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21 Jul 2013
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Hi to all! Hope you're all having a nice summer! Here in Paris we are going through a nasty heatwave!!So best to stay at home and work on stamp collection.I am trying to find out a bit more about those stamps but havn't had much success. I'm trying to send a few samples via e-mail to my grandfather who is soon 104 years of age. At that age you become a real history dictionary! So just hope I get things right in my comments!
Thanks for your help!

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John Macco
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Astrophilatelist- Space Cover Collector
21 Jul 2013
re: Would like to know more about those stamp blocks?

The catalog numbers are as follows: Scott#2439-48; SG#2523-33 and Zagorsky#2425-32, 2500. These stamps are definitives showing scenes of soviet life and culture. Big Grin

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