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United States/Stamps : Confusion between USPS and Scott's identification of US items

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02 Jul 2013
There are many issues in recent years which are listed as Souvenir Sheet in USPS Postal Bulletins and stores but when it comes to Scott adding the item to their listing in catalog they identify the item as Pane/Booklet/Sheet.
The examples are the Cartoon Character series, The First Flight anniversary, New Year series, Hollywood Stars series, Civil War series - are these Souvenir Sheets, Booklets or Panes? I am not a big fan of Scott listing methods for US stamps even in their so called Specialized catalog but they shouldn't cause confusion amongst collectors by their re-classification of USPS items .Thumbs Down
Should I collect these items as S.S. or just as singles? Currently I am collecting both, although getting MNH singles from such panes/SS is harder than getting the full pane/SS.

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03 Jul 2013
re: Confusion between USPS and Scott's identification of US items

First, the old adage holds true. Collect the stamps how you want.

Unfortunately that washes out if you use Scott pages, because to properly put the stamps on the Scott album pages, you'll have to collect them (at the least) in the formats as specified by Scott.

One thing to remember about the USPS is that it considers commemoratives to be "souvenirs", intended to be collected and not intended to be used for postage. I never agreed with USPS terminology, and I use as many of the stamps that they'd prefer not to be used as I can. Happy

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