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Oceania/Australia : Australian Cinderella's ?

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24 Jun 2013
Here's a question I have pondered over for some time.
Is there any other areas in Australia apart from Hutt River Province that have at one stage issued their own stamps ?
And is there anyone in Aust. that specializes in Australian cinderella's ?

I'm new to this category but have found quiet a few amongst my oddments.
I'd like to expand this area as I find it interesting.
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24 Jun 2013
re: Australian Cinderella's ?

Martin, you might like to contact the Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia. The Secretary's email address is on this link:


In regards to your first question, check out the following (none as successful as Prince Leonard):

Province of Bumbunga
Independent State of Rainbow Creek
Empire of Atlantium
Gay Kingdom of the Coral Sea

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