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Europe/Great Britain : The latest Deegam report , #103, is available

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21 Jun 2013
DGR103 - Important update
The latest Deegam Report is ready to be downloaded and read. It contains two notes from Doug that will interest all who use the handbook and care to stay informed.

The first explains some corrections necessary due to what appear to me to be mis-information from Royal Mail (SHOCK and SURPRISE !!! ) and failure to print and deliver stamp products as promised.

Doug leads off with:
" ...WHEN I set 10 April 2013 as the date for uploading DGR102, I assumed
that I would have plenty of time to scan, measure and create graphics for
all the new stamps expected on 27 March as a consequence of the tariff change
on 2 April. It was not to be. Right up until the last minute for sending the pdf file
to my website guru (which I did on 9 April) it proved difficult, not only to obtain
correct information but to obtain actual stamps and other products. In the event,
DGR102 as posted contained some inaccuracies. ..."

And followed with a detailed explanation.
There are also the graphics for SAPs 183, 184, and 185 as well as DP s 456 and 459.

There is a chart showing the 80 new Horizon labels and another displaying the date for stamps with MA13 and M13L. as well as the usual details for new discoveries and recent issues.

Finally Doug has an announcement that I'll quote completely rather than stumble about with an explanation.

" ....Report will be issued on 31 August 2013
This is the last Deegam Report to contain Profiles. They are used by only a small number of CD owners and make downloads from my website unnecessarily long for non-users. Also, I no longer have the time to create them, quite apart from the difficulties I have with Adobe InDesign which I have mentioned before.
If you use the Profiles, please e-mail me to register your interest. I aim to create a set of graphics, including the correct perforations, phosphor bars etc. and will send a set to those who respond. These will be free of any charge and will be unrestricted, enabling you to add your own text, taken from the catalogue lists which will continue to be included in Reports ..."

Deegam Report No. 103
© D. G. A. Myall, 23 June 2013
DGR103– 10
The next Deegam
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