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Club Business & Announcements/Tech Advice : AUCTION BIDDING FOR THE NEWCOMERS

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26 Apr 2013
Dear All,
Welcome to our ‘family’ and one of the many activities we engage in. Our auctions are a delightful way to get a glimpse at a variety of offerings and to select the particular ones that meet your own specific needs. This is done through the selection functions at the top of the auction listing. If you’re not already acquainted with them or are not sure how to use them, get back to me at cohendaniel64@yahoo.com and we’ll work it out together.

In the opening page to our club you’ll find:
-- Introduction
-- Closing in 24 Hrs
-- All New Items
-- Rules
-- Tutorial
-- Auction FAQ
-- Descriptive Terms
-- To Buyers
-- From Sellers
Spend a few minutes acquainting yourself with the contents. You’ll find that most of your questions are already answered. If not, get back to me and we’ll walk the path together. The FAQ might be the first place to start, offering a broader outlook on the process and issues that are related. The Tutorial section might then follow next, getting into the registration bidding and selling aspects. Bottom line, we’re here to hold your hand if needed on any of the areas.

On a personal note, I believe that you will find that any and all transactions are looked at by the webmaster and auctioneer to make certain that you as a member are not being taken advantage of in any way-and should there be a dispute, there is in place a dispute mechanism to which you can direct concerns/issues. Generally speaking, the prices asked are, for the most part, quite reasonable and usually below the level you would find on eBay or other sites.

I wish you well in your bids, and hope you have the fun and enjoyment that is yours.
All the best,
Dan C.(For the Volunteer Committee)

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