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General Philatelic/Newcomer Cnr : Equatorial Guinea questionable issues

25 Mar 2013
My collecting interests and working on up to date stamp records, have me back in the Equatorial Guinea stamp issues in Scotts! Anyone know the reason why the stamp issues that are listed never have any pictures to help the collector to ID their stamps?
Does any one have a good listing that I can use to figure out what I have and also need?

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25 Mar 2013
re: Equatorial Guinea questionable issues

The reason why the stamps are not listed is explained in the catalog following Equatorial Guinea Scott #15.

The listings of the questionable issues comes from the 1970s when Scott included them as you see in the catalog in the Scott Monthly magazine. The issues were never intended to be listed in the catalogs. However, by demand, Scott put the listings as you currently see them in the catalog. Scott assigned the issues an unofficial catalog number. You can see those in parentheses at the end of each set listing, like (7301-7302).

Gibbons does the same thing, but doesn't provide any numbering for the issues.

Minkus did list the stamps in its catalogs, and has album pages for them. It will probably be hard to find one of their older catalogs from that era. Album pages can be found, but not easily. I am looking for a set of the album pages, but have not been successful.

I do not know if Michel lists the issues. They do list alot of unofficial stamps from many countries.

I have a large number of these issues, and I can tell you that each set can be grouped by the similarities in the basic designs of the stamps.

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