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United States/Covers & Postmarks : Got one that's almost a modern rarity!

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01 Mar 2013
It was pure luck that I was browsing eBay early morning when this item appeared with a Buy-it-Now option and I immediately went for it. Recieved it this morning to make it a bright day/week for me.
People who don't know about this stamp and it's relevance on cover will be wondering what's so exciting about this cover? Well - this stamp was issued within 4 days of the international rate change therefore saw only 3 days proper usage (excluding the day of issue) to international destinations. These are as rare as they come, only a few PH collectors have proper solo usage on covers of this stamp. Take a peek (posting the image from eBay, I'm yet to scan it). For me this is as good as having the 80¢ Hawaii on parcel!

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01 Mar 2013
re: Got one that's almost a modern rarity!

Very cool! I applaud you!

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04 Mar 2013
re: Got one that's almost a modern rarity!

Saleem, awesome find!!! I remember the rates going up on April 3, 1988. Being the Postal Clerk on my ship it was a major PITA. Especially because I was getting out of the Navy 5 days later on April 8th. Now you need to find the Year of the Pig Stamp properly used. I know you can do it. Issued 12/30/1994. Rate went up 1/1/1995.


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