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01 Jan 2013
There is an interesting note that bears upon a subject we have discussed in more than one thread over the last few years. In this week's copy of Linns's Stamp News, the January 14th, 2013 issue, which was just released , Michael Rogers, explains something that I, for one, had not realized. Mike Rogers was the owner of the Stamp Store in Winter Park, Orlando, Florida which while carrying a great selection of worldwide stamps for many years still became well known as experts in Oriental Philately. He now writes a column for Linn's and operates "Asian Philately, Inc." ( http://www.michaelrogersinc.com/ )
On Linn's Page 27, in an article titled " ... Dictates of China's Cultural Revolution ..." He provides this interesting information;
" .... In the People's Republic of China, canceled-to-order stamps are in far greater demand than postally used, and CTO is even more desirable with full original gum. So when you see a Chinese stamp graded "CTO NH," it is't a typo. ...."
In recent years, interest in Chinese stamps has exploded, something that Mike Rogers foresaw thirty years ago and I have watched large lots of Chinese stamps be knocked down consistantly for double the auctioneer's estimates in several auctions, while the rest of the auction's estimates are usually closer to wishful thinking than an accurate estimate of the closing price. For those of us who have been playing the stamp game for forty or fifty years there was a time when used or mint stamps of the Nationalist era (1912 -1949) were almost always bundled into throwaway lots and marked at fire sale prices at most dealers in the USA.
During the mid-1960s I spent some time in Kaoshung on Formosa and bought an extensive collection of "Free" Chinese stamps for a real bargain as long as one didn't mind staring at Chaing Kai Chek's image on almost every page.
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01 Jan 2013
re: China CTO stamps

Gung Hay Fat Choy to you as well Charlie. I learn so much from reading your posts-past and present regarding stamp collecting and philately. Have been more of a lurker than participant as of late.


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