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United States/Covers & Postmarks : Parcel Post Tag - Need More Information

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Editor, Seal News; contributor, JuicyHeads
28 Mar 2012
Hi all you cover and rate collectors. I need help (just about stamps right now). I acquired this tag in a larger lot of postal history and could use some help identifying its use. I consulted Beecher and Image Not FoundWawrukiewicz's rate book, and I believe that this pays a parcel post zone 1 rate of 17 pounds in effect from 8.1.31 to 10.1.32 or, more likely, the 13 pound zone 1 rate in effect 10.1.32 to 3.26.44. I suspect the latter both because it was a longer lasting rate and because Scott 698 was only issued 9.8.31, thereby further shortening the possible time in which this could have been mailed.

I also suspect Zone 1 because it's addressed to an Ohio address with an Ohio return address and Ohio pre-cancels.

I may have the class completely wrong, and I certainly could have pounds and zones wrong even if I have class correct.

I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on this. Do I have it right? Or should I look at other possiblities?

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