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United States/Covers & Postmarks : U.S. postal card Scott UY16c variety

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10 Oct 2011
Picked these two up in a large auction lot of covers. Apparently, somebody paid about $180 each for them some years ago. Still on the original auction pages, and simply described as UY16 variety, but I cannot identify what the variety is supposed to be.

Any help?

Enlarged versions available here:
enlarged card #1
enlarged card #2

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"BuckaCover.com - 8,000+ new covers coming February 19"

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10 Oct 2011
re: U.S. postal card Scott UY16c variety


Scott Specialized 2011 lists a UY16c with First Day Cancel at $350. The variety is described as "double scarlet on the reply side". Do your examples have the Message and Reply cards still attached to each other? Compare the color of the "red" on both sides and see if the "red" on the reply side differs from the other. Look for a doubling of the red impression on the reply side. The basic listing for this issue calls the colors carmine and dark violet blue. Don't know why hey use the term "scarlet" for the error.


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