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Canada/Stamps : Canada 723 vs 723A

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30 Jan 2011
Does anyone have a good closeup scan comparing Canada 723 to 723A?

Scott Catalog says you can read 1978 on the license plate of the yellow car on 723A. I used the three glasses again (like I had to do to see the frame lines on #77) and was barely able to make out a fuzzy 1978 on my copies. Do I have the 723A, so the 723 has nothing on the plate? Or do I have the 723, so the 723A has a crisper impression that can be read by normal human eyes?

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30 Jan 2011
re: Canada 723 vs 723A

I don't have a closeup scan but offer the following:
By my eyes the 1978 on 723A is barely legible under magnification, while on 723 is is just a squiggle. In my opinion, if you see the 78 it's 723A.


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