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United States/Covers & Postmarks : Etiquettes and cachets...an explanation

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Editor, Seal News; contributor, JuicyHeads
05 Aug 2010
Looking through our exciting auctions, I came across a couple of terms that were instantly understandable but that are different from what is traditionally used in philatellic nomenclature. I thought i'd explain, AND give you a peek at some intersting lots along the way.

http://www.stamporama.com/auction/auction_main.php?action=40&id=RA.HgeIsW9INA picture an FDC of France, Scott 915, from the "overrun countries" series, rather than the "occupied" countries series. Technically, only half of France was occupied; the other half becoming the pro-German "neutral" Vichy France. Interestingly, calling Austria "overrun" was quite a stretch, as they had voted for an unequal union with Germany prior to the start of hostilities. And Czechoslovakia wasn't so much "overrun" as given as a present (see the Hitler discussion for a little more on this). But, back to the cover in question. Rather than a cachet, it has a quite interesting patriotic label.

The airmail "sticker" is called an "etiquette," and this etiquette is seldom seen: http://www.stamporama.com/auction/auction_main.php?action=40&id=RAyrCWp7i0P2U. There are some nice Chicago "air mail field" duplex hand cancels on the front. I believe this is overpaid by a penny, but that can be forgiven by the use of the perfectly appropriate "century of progress" stamps franking this envelope.

And i'll add one that merely represents the junction of 2 of my favorite collecting areas: AMSD and MPH (Air Mail Special Delivery and Military Postal History). See Saleem's cover: http://www.stamporama.com/auction/auction_main.php?action=40&id=RANce1q6WCvLk sent to an officer likely a surgeon or medical administrator, based on the rank, in the Navy but attached to the Second Marine Division. The FPOs don't usually tell where the sailors and marines are, but the Second Marine Division was recuperating in Pearl Harbor after its ferocious battle for Tarawa before heading off to Saipan. I seldom see any AMSD used in military mail, but this has a nice copy of CE2.

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