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United States/Covers & Postmarks : Lost friends found on correspondence offered at auction here

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14 Dec 2009
Mint stamps, corners, pristine FDC's and the whole lot we are used to.
Our friend Teisler put a cover to Cuba, addressed to " c/oCarlos Hernández for a Mr. Hill"
Tunas de Zaza's the closest port from where I's born, and the two gentlemen in the letter Mr.Hernández and Mr. Hill I knew since a very early age, Mr. Hill was an English teacher for me and other kids, Mr.Hernández was a wealthy person in charge of the Shipping of sugar and molasses specially to USA, this gentleman went to the same University my father attended, Loyola University.
Once you attach a stamp to a letter it might become a piece of either personal or more than one person's history.
Hoboken NJ
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